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Is the Syrian Civil War and Revolution being Orchestrated and Propelled by Outside Interest and Propaganda?

With a civil war now raging in Syria the world has a situation similar to Libya whereby a fraudulent unelected group of individuals, mainly from foreign countries, who call themselves the Syrian National Council claiming to be the opposition forces for the protection of the unarmed citizens of Syrian and its resources.  

It has been reported that the Syrian Opposition Transitional National Council an unelected group of individuals named Burhan Ghalioun as the chairman and spokesperson of this self anointed class.

Ghalioun resides and works in France as a professor of political sociology at the University of Paris and of Syrian French decent?

For the record the creation of the SNC was publicly reported not from within Syria but from Istanbul Turkey. Its members are listed @

I think that we in the west, along with the rest of the world, must start questioning the statements issued from Syrian exiles in France, Turkey, USA, Canada and throughout the Middle East and Africa

The Arab Muslim spring uprisings and the civil war of Libya and the anarchist’s revolution in Egypt it is becoming increasingly clear that two  goals of such uprisings are to establish Sharia law by incorporating Islam as the state religion and to achieve financial control of the country’s oil resources.

The ancient Arabic translation of Sharia law relates to a path to the water hole and considering today’s position could cause the route to the oil holes? 

Syria’s oil and gas reserves opposite to those of Egypt and Libya remains a top secret of its duly elected government and Islam is not currently the state religion.

Now Syria currently produces some 401,000 barrels of oil per day compared to the 662,600 (bbl/day) produced by Egypt and the 1.789 million (bbl/day) of oil produced by Libya

We should also be aware of other groups like the Syrian American Council and the Free Syrian Army which is made up of deserters from Syria’s armed forces. 

In all probability the world is witnessing desertions from Syria’s armed forces on the basis of clan alignment and radical Islamic religious beliefs? 

When military personnel go AWOL and put on masks and commence massacring their former comrades in uniform they are committing treason against the same people they took an oath and swore to protect against such lawlessness and anarchy?

These deserters for their deception and treasonous acts are now subject to appropriate military rule for these traitorous actions and killings and must be held liable?

The UN and peoples acceptance by condoning such treasonous acts, committed by deserters from the Syrian government’s armed force, based on their opinion that the elected Syrian government has “lost their legitimacy” and that “the free Syrian army of deserters will work hand in hand with the people to bring the regime down, protect the revolution and the country’s resources” says it all.

To me it sure sounds like a declaration of war, by Syrian army deserters, against the duly elected and recognized  leaders by the Syrian people.

Please keep in mind the very important and practical detail that Libya and Egypt are the only nations to recognize this De facto group of self anointed and unelected individuals.

The very countries in turmoil because of outside interference during the Arab Muslim spring uprisings through mob rule and anarchy.

We must also keep in mind that the government of Turkey, which itself has in the past committed crimes and provocations against the Kurds and the countries of Greece, Israel and Iraqi, has now threatened to cut off electricity its supplies to the Syrian people.  

This action by Turkey is a crime against humanity and contrary to the UN charter as are the economic sanctions that the US and other countries have initiated against the Syrian people and its government. 

One would think that after what happened in Egypt and especially after the Libya fiasco now is the time, as a result of such self anointed and unelected opposition groups formed by De facto entities, for the UN and most legitimate government representative at the United Nations to start abiding by the founding charter of the UN?

The charter states that nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state or shall require the Members to submit such matters to settlement under the present Charter.

The civil war in Syria is definitely under the domestic jurisdiction of the state of Syria. As such the time has come for France, Turkey, USA, Canada, Libya, Egypt, Iran and the displaced Palestine's to all butt out of the internal domestic affairs of Syria.

Public documents from BBC, UK news, United Nations and numerous web sites, thanks to all.


MacKay does not rule out military pressure on Syria @

Canada needs only a defensive military not an aggressor war machine capability to respond to the internal conflicts of other nations.

Civilians and army deserters are also mounting violence against the elected government’s constitutional authority and its civilian supporters within Syria.

Unconfirmed one sided biased reports of mounting violence against civilians distributed by the media that do not mention that army deserters and civilian attempts of lawless by mob rule to overthrow Syria’s duly elected government constitutionally linked to a single political movement and under internationally laws are criminal act of aggression and crime against humanity.

Further nothing in the United Nations charter authorizes its members to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state and attempts of lawless mob rule to overthrow any duly elected power constitutionally linked to a single political movement under internationally laws is a criminal act of aggression and crime against humanity. Nov 21, 2011 9:26 AM

nehad ismail • Thanks Peter. I am not going to argue over all the contentious points but would like to say that the Syrian regime is doomed. It is going to be bloody and messy but the brutal regime has to go. In the coming weeks the SNC will be recognized by the EU, the US and most Middle Eastern countries. This is my perspective as some one who has been invovled in Middle Eastern Affairs for many years.  

Hi Nehad, your perception could be right but that does not legitimize the SNC as the official opposition of the Republic of Syria. 

If the regime is doomed then the Republic of Syria along with its constitution and all the legal citizens of Syria will once again be controlled by outside interests and the establishment of Sharia law as most likely will be the case in Libya and Egypt with more Middle Eastern countries to soon follow. 

Unfortunately the EU and the US do not have a clue as to what is truly taking place throughout the Regime similar to their mishandling of the Croatian, Serbs, republic of Krajina, Bosnia, Herzegovina and the Bosnian Serbs conflicts that are presently on hold. But that is for another day. 

Until the western powers understand that it is the radical Muslim's desire for establishing Sharia law that is driving and behind all of the conflicts within the Middle East nothing to do with democracy or the displaced Palestinians, whose rightful homeland is Jordan, the world shall continue to witness mob rule by malcontent anarchists and civil wars throughout this region. 

From my perspective your logic and that of your friends, the Western Powers, Pundits and experts should also be calling for the downfall of the following countries and their brutal regimes to go: 

1. United Arab Emirates
2. Qatar Oman
3. North Korea
4. Morocco
5. Monaco
6. Liechtenstein
7. Libya
8. Kuwait 
9. Jordan
10. Fiji
11. Eritrea
12. Egypt
13. Brunei
14. Bhutan
15. Bahrain,      
16. Sahrawi Republic
17. Tonga
18. People's Republic of China
19. Turkmenistan
20. Vietnam

Take care Nehad, stay active, healthy and safe in this crazy world of puppet leaders.

nehad ismail •Thank you for taking the trouble to respond. I do really appreciate and understand what you say and I would like to assure you that the Syrian people will not accept an Islamic System ruling by Sharia. The overwhelming majority are secular moderate people. Even among the Islamists there are reasonable people who give and take and have no intention of turning Syria into an Islamic state. The people would not have it. They will revolt as they are doing now. Nobody in the Middle East except a handful of fanatics would like to see aTaliban type of regime. Enjoy your Sunday Peter and have a good week. 
Posted by nehad

nehad ismail  Hi Peter I agree the Syrian National Council has not been elected by the people of Syria, but has been appointed by hundreds of opposition members meeting in Istanbul. For over eight months the opposition has been badgered and pressured by Western Powers, Pundits and experts to form a committee to speak on their behalf, hence the SNC. The members of the Council might not be true democrats, but they are not fraudulent as you desribe them. They are respected opposition figures and I happen to know some of them. Anyone reading your article in the Middle East would think the article has been written by a Pro-regime writer. This regime has killed many thousands and is still killing protesters. The regime has committed crimes against humanity and the ICC is preparing a case against the Syrian leadership.

Hello Nehad, the SNC from its exile base in Paris and Turkey is a nondemocratic self appointed entity without lawful authority and to suggest otherwise is incorrect.

Syria is a Republic with power constitutionally linked to a single political party and not a constitutional monarchy like the United Arab Emirates, Monaco, Morocco, Liechtenstein, Kuwait, or Jordan, to name a few, where the Monarch not an elected leader exercises power.

From my point of view and collaborated from your statement that the opposition has been badgered and pressured by Western Powers, Pundits and experts to form a committee to speak on their behalf,” hence the SNC. Thus this de facto group is speaking on behalf of their puppet masters and not the Syrian people.   

Further they are for whatever reasons personal and otherwise are in opposition to the Syria’s existing power constitutionally linked to a single political movement.

Since none of them were duly elected by a majority of the Syrian people but badgered and pressured by Western Powers, Pundits and experts, I stand by my opinion and statement that it is a fraudulent organization regardless of their individual esteem.

My article is not pro revolution, anarchists or prop regime but pro facts and as you are well aware civil wars, as brutally as they are, with both factions killing one another.

Protester’s, rebels, insurgents and army deserters are killing people as are Syrian government forces and their supports. Maybe the world does not like it but it is a Syrian domestic civil war under the jurisdiction of the state.

As such it must be decided by the Syrian people from both sides fighting within Syria without outside intervening by western powers, pundits, academic experts or the United Nations for their own political and economic interests as was the case in Libya and Egypt.

It remains my position and opinion that this civil war in Syria is definitely under the domestic jurisdiction of the state of Syria and as such it is time that France, Turkey, USA, Britain, Canada, Libya, Egypt, Iran, the displaced Palestine's fighters and all others to butt out of the internal domestic affairs of Syria.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bikes must be Defined as a VEHICLE under Traffic Laws and

Complete awareness concerning the use of highways, roadways and city streets will not be solved by better infrastructure but through amendments to traffic law that defines and includes bikes, e bikes, and bicycles as a VEHICLE and thus treats all users as equals under traffic laws.

The NDP and all political parties should be demanding that bikes, e bikes, bicycles be classed and defined as a VEHICLE under all laws similar to a motorcycle if they honestly want to accomplish respect for roadways, highways, city streets and country roads by all users on an equal footing.

Also, the mandatory wearing of a bike safety helmet regardless of the person age for all bike riders, e bikes, cyclists, etc. when peddling  or otherwise on public roadways, city streets, country roads and highways.    

These are the simplest most appropriate measures that are urgently required for saving lives, the abuse of traffic laws and to legally curb alcohol use by all including cyclists and bike riders.

If politicians truly and honestly desire making our cities and country more cycle friendly so that bike riding, bicycling commuters, pedestrians and motorists can safely coexist as equals on city streets, roadways and highways these amendments should be made immediately and without further delay.
Additional Info @

Sunday, November 13, 2011

UN Seeking to Control the Internet and Individual Content?

This idea, supported by France under the leadership of Sarkozy with the support of President Obama and his administration in the USA through both the G8 and the United Nations, for attempting to exert a control over the usage and management of cyberspace within the Internet was recently pointed out, believe it or not,  by the Russian President Medvedev.

During the recent G8 in Paris, and reported on by the Christian Science Monitor, France’s Sarkozy’s was claiming that now control of the internet somehow in his mind has become a “moral imperative” to control the Internet.

He was unfortunately backed by the Obama administration by its proposed law now floating around congress and which has since been amended to target “foreign infringing sites.”

Some have dubbed the US proposed law as the Enforcing and Protecting American Rights Against Sites Intent on Theft and Exploitation Act or the E-PARASITE Act, (formerly known as the PROTECT-IP Act).

“These revisions would allow the US Department of Justice to force search engines, browsers, and service providers to block and censor users' access to websites, and scrub the American Internet clean of any trace of their existence without having to deal with the annoying legal notion of fair use or any legal rights of the accused.”

Now, the United Nations, which for the most part is under the control and influence of truly non democratic nations, continues with its committee, that was started back in 2003, for setting up a global system under the direct control of the UN for the management and control of cyberspace.

The real issue relates to the extent to which private industry, civil society groups, and other nongovernmental stakeholders should continue to play significant roles in the management of the Internet.

Recent hearings at the UN had some countries, including China, favoring the limiting of the oversight role to governmental and intergovernmental bodies.

Tang Zicai, representing the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Beijing stated:

"The governments are located in the center of this process," and "This process cannot be accomplished without the meaningful participation of the governments."

Also, the Internet Society, a nonprofit international organization focusing on Internet standards, education, and policy argued that:  

"The Internet is a network of networks working cooperatively together, designed to operate without centralized control or governance mechanisms."

However, there is growing support from developing countries within the General Assembly of the UN for increased government regulation and control of the internet as stated by Mohammed Hussain Nejad, a representative of the government of Iran:

"Developments have not been supportive of increasing the leverage of developing countries in policy issues pertaining to the Internet," and further argued "The few developed countries are either monopolizing policymaking on such issues or entering into exclusive treaties among themselves, while further marginalizing other countries, mainly developing ones."

Most realize that the United Nations General Assembly is controlled by developing countries and for the most part do not have truly democratic governments in their own countries.

As such it would be fair to say that they truly are against the democratic idea of the free flow of information to citizens.

Verveer another representative speaking at the committee stated:  

" inter governmental controls would be a way of controlling the content that passes over the Internet by requiring, by treaty if you will, other administrations to cooperate in terms of suppressing speech that they didn't like."

Special interest groups such as the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), supports the drafting of a "cyber peace treaty" and attempted to offer up some farfetched assurances that some non-governmental bodies would be a part of the process.

The Director of the Citizen Lab and the Canada Centre for Global Security Studies at the University of Toronto, Ron Deibert has stated that:

"We have to be careful about what institutions take the lead. The Chinas, the Iran’s, the Saudi Arabia’s of the world want to impose a territorial vision of control over cyberspace -- and if the ITU got its wishes, that's essentially what would happen."

Stay informed as the United Nations along with the US, France and other countries will continue the attempts at controlling the Internet directly or through the UN's World Conference on International Telecommunications, scheduled for 2012 in Malaysia.

Public documents from Christian Science monitor, numerous web sites and United Nations, thanks to all.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why has Bilingualism, Biculturalism and Multiculturalisms Not Been Voted On or Approved by Canadians, but Enforced by Political Parties and Unelected Bureaucrats?

I am seeking input and assistance with an article on the above topic and how it has been manipulated and used by political parties for vote getting mainly in the province of Quebec.

Please send your comments, experiences, ideas and suggestions etc to me at ASAP.

THANKS for your anticipated assistance with this matter and which one trusts is a concern to all Canadians regardless of language.   

Warmest regards,

Peter Clarke