Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Social Media Corporations Do Not Have the Legal Right or Constitutional Backing to Curtal or Censor Free Speech

All these social media platform communities stipulated that they wanted your voices to be heard and that is how they got you all to sign up to their various forms and platforms of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Google etc.

When all these tech companies/private corporations believe that their rights to control the users (inhabitants) of these various public internet communities, platforms, and forums, then they are coextensive with the right of that (user)/ inhabitant/homeowner to regulate or censor its guests (users/members) is legally NOT an acceptable contention under existing laws and constitution.

As ownership, by any private corporation does not always mean absolute dominion. The more these private tech companies (owners), for their advantage or the advantage of a specific political party, have opened up their platforms, forums, and media communities (property) for use by the public in general and worldwide, the more do their so-called private corporation rights become circumscribed by the statutory, legal, and constitutional rights of those who use it.

As such, these private tech companies, or the owners of privately held bridges, ferries, turnpikes railroads or airplanes may NOT operate them as freely as a farmer does with his farm. These facilities are built and operated primarily to benefit the public by wanting the public's voices to be heard and to engage other members of the public in sharing feedback and open dialogues.

And thus, since all these private tech company operations are essentially a public function, they all are subject to State, Federal and Constitutional regulations, and laws already on the books.

Therefore, these private tech companies must be held accountable, under existing laws and the Constitution, for curtailing through their censorship or membership loss, which violates the liberty of free speech, press or religion of these users (inhabitants/people) consistently with the purposes of the Constitutional guarantees, State and Federal statutes, and the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution.

The right to exercise the liberties safeguarded by the First Amendment "lies at the foundation of free government by free men" and we must in all cases "weigh the circumstances and appraise the reasons in support of the regulation of the rights."

“Private corporations like the tech companies of today do not always mean absolute dominion. The more these private tech companies (owners), for their advantage or the advantage of a specific political party, opened up their platforms, forums, and media communities (property) for use by the public in general and worldwide, the more their so-called private corporation rights become circumscribed by the statutory, legal, and constitutional rights of those who use it.”



January 7, 1946, Decided

326 U.S. 501

January 7, 1946, Decided

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Burning Platform by By Doug “Uncola” Lynn

 Two years ago, also during the month of *Janus, I wrote a speculative article on Trump as two faces on the same coin and, specifically, considered the president as the “most interesting man in the world”: an enigmatic “ringleader”, of sorts, who always keeps us guessing between transitional episodes:

In so many ways, Trump is the perfect foil to usher in a new epoch… a forerunner of sorts before another ringleader takes center stage.

To be sure, President Trump is like a flip-sided Obama the way he’s branded upon America’s psyche. And, like Obama, he’s a walking, talking, Rorschach test.

For good? Or bad?

Either way:  We all have our suspicions and are becoming more certain with each passing day.

And here we are today, two years later, still wondering.

In the wake of Russia gate, the Mueller Show, the 2018 Midterms, the Ukraine impeachment debacle, ChineseCovid, and, now, a stolen presidential election, it calls to mind the following questions:

What if the innermost circle of The Borg, or, at least, the mid-level components like the Deep State, Orwellian Media, Dems, Rinos, and punditry were actually caught off guard by Trump’s 2016 win – simply as a result of underestimating the awareness and will of the American voters who overwhelmed The Borg’s systemic election fraud four years ago? What if Trump were real and Spy gate, Mueller, Ukraine gate, and ChineseCovid, were the means to gaslight the dupes and tie-up the president as much as possible over the previous four years?

In consideration of Occam’s Razor: What if everything we have seen during Trump’s presidency was merely a natural progression of events?

Then, what if the same voter fraud occurred in the 2020 Election except, this time, The Borg was caught red-handed?

Certainly, the Orwellian Media’s anointing of Dementia Joe was, in part, a plan conceived and launched by the “bipartisan” Transition Integrity Project (T.I.P.) under the cover of the ChineseCovid and using technologies and methodologies defecated straight from the bowels of Langley.

Everything about November 3, 2020, and the ensuing post-election narrative propagated by the Orwellian Media smacks of desperation by those attempting to pull off the coup. Does it not?

Or it could be another show: A really, super-big, gigantic, end-of-America-type media event.

During the holiday break, I listened to attorney Sidney Powell and Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) interviewed by a guest host on the Rush Limbaugh radio program. To hear Powell and Gohmert outline the overt suppression of evidence of fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election was staggering, to say the least. 

Yet that very evening, the nightly news, instead, showed Kamala Harris receiving her Covid vaccine. The “Vice President-Elect”, then, through her mask, and with her trademark nasal whine, implored Americans to follow her lead and get their shots in the arm too.

What is occurring in America now may seem surreal but it is, indeed, actually happening.

In early December, President Trump, by his own admission gave what may have been the most important speech of his lifetime, and it was not given one iota of coverage on my local nightly news. Instead, we were informed on “President-Elect” Joe Biden’s virtual roundtable of small business owners who were impacted by the Covid pandemic as well as the number of new Covid cases in the country that day.

Furthermore, if you go to YouTube and query “Trump’s most important speech December 2, 2020” this is what appears: “Fact-check” videos on Trump’s “baseless voter fraud claims” and “speech riddled with falsehoods”.

Now try this: Search for the word “Plandemic” on the Duck Duck Go search engine, and you will see the website for appearing at the top of the results.  But if you search the same term on Google, the Plandemic video website does NOT show.  Instead, you will see a Wikipedia link labelling Plandemic as “misinformation” and a science magazine’s website “fact-checking” “unsubstantiated claims and accusations”.

Consider for a moment the kind of power we are witnessing:  The mainstream media, the FBI, the Justice Department, the CIA, Big Tech, The Drudge Report, most of Fox News, and now, even the American electoral system and Supreme Court… ALL assimilated by The Borg.

How could this all-inclusive collusion exist?

What follows will provide some of the answers to that question.

Catherine Austin Fitts is a former banker turned whistleblower and served as the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the late nineteen-eighties under Bush the Elder. A few days before Christmas 2020, an interview of Fitts was posted whereby she described five pillars of a Transhumanist Technocracy currently being constructed in plain sight by The Borg.  The five pillars are as follows:

1.) Tech engineers building “The Cloud” and Intel communications

2.) The military installing satellites in space in conjunction with Operation Warp Speed here on earth

3.) Big Pharma designing vaccines and injection mechanisms

4.) The Mainstream Media’s ever-spinning propaganda machine

5.) The Central bankers creating cryptosystems designed to enslave the masses

Fitts claimed these “pillars” are painstakingly being kept separate by the Borg until they can be integrated into our bodies, and our minds, by means of our own blood and DNA – like a trap being sprung at just the right time; and the reason we are not completely caught in the trap yet, is because The Borg has not quite finalized construction of the five pillars.

In her interview, Fitts described our current circumstances as a war between those who consider mankind as “individuals” with rights divinely ordained and against a High-Tech Oligarchy (i.e. The Borg) who views the citizens of the world as cattle and chattel.

While listening to Fitts speak in the above-linked video, I was reminded of a June 2017 article I wrote entitled “A Digital Noose ‘Round Every Corner”. The article was about our “progressively encroaching electronic enslavement” and in relation to a 2013 book called “The Circle” that was later released as a movie in 2017 featuring the actor Tom Hanks.  In that article, the following was written:

The elite cynically oppress the proles while telling them it’s for their own good, for their safety, or for the good of Mankind overall.  While, at the same time, they shroud themselves in secrecy and corruption, shielding their own asses, and wallets, with the unadulterated power of an avant-garde, weapons-grade, nation-state working in collusion with multifarious, multi-national corporations.

Even after American citizens paying full price for products today, or through taking advantage of “free” services offered by U. S. corporations, these companies, in turn, demand we “click” to “accept” the “terms” of our surrender; including our Fourth Amendment rights and usually in deference to the proprietorial protection of the corporate entity’s intellectual property rights; and, always without an attorney present.

Then, global corporate monoliths like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and Facebook, additionally, share our personal information with the NSA, or CIA, or FBI, et al, all for our own protection, and the common good.

Yet, somehow, elite billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk regally rise above the fray and escape the daily drudgery of the little peoples.  They preach diversity and open borders from within their gated compounds; and advocate equality while claiming some are more equal than others.

In reality, the five pillars as described by Fitts could also be considered as circles, not yet closed, and still separated for now, but soon to be conjoined like Olympic Rings.

We are talking about total control: a system of economic slavery and the end of privacy.  But please understand the “transition” is even more than that – it is an operation to bring about the end of Man in order to give birth to a new, transhumanist, world order. And should the circles be allowed to close, it means there will be those inside, and outside, of the “circle”, or “closed system”, or “corral”, if you prefer.  It means people will need to choose.

In fact, we are being forced to decide even now.

Just prior to the New Year, the internet was saturated with videos of robots dancing and it was a sobering opportunity to see how the techno-circle/pillar is approaching completion. I am of the opinion the videos are merely demonstrations of The Borg arrogantly bragging or, rather, they are released onto the net as a means to show off the ingenuously spooky creations. Truly, it has been stunning to see the progressive advancement of these types of machines. Like their creators, they appear alive but have no soul.

Is this the future we want?

Most of you reading this likely understands how critical thinking takes effort whereas passive compliance is easier, at least in the near term. Very few people want to contemplate the world as a sinister place. After all, they consider themselves intelligent and of good character and so there is less cognitive dissonance for them to perceive government officials, DARPA, the WHO and CDC as trusted servants and protectors.

Furthermore, if nice folks can recycle and lower their carbon footprint for the sake of the planet and don a mask to save lives, it feels good to them. It’s their way of looking out for others and showing respect to a just and moral universe. They have food on the table, gas in their vehicles, electricity, running water, heat, and air conditioning. Why rock the boat? Why not just go along to get along? Because they believe, technology can save them and the Chinses Covid, too, will pass and all things will go back to normal.

Hope is a beautiful thing, right?

Now consider these questions:

What U.S. president was Operation Warp Speed’s most vociferous cheerleader? What U.S. president wanted the military to administer the Covid vaccines?

That is right.

Over the past four years, I, personally, enjoyed the presentation of Trump, in the same manner, I would the ringleader of a circus. Except, in this particular production, the tent has been set aflame by the owners of said circus and no one yet has been, truly, led to safety by the ringleader; nor have the owners of the circus been correctly identified, let alone pursued or prosecuted. But, then again, is that actually the responsibility of the ringleader?

Perhaps the reason for the showman was only to show us the true size of The Borg.

But even if Trump is a true swamp-fighter and retains the presidency for a second term through any number of last-minute options and means, how can we know it’s not merely another circus staged by The Borg?

Since conservative American’s, by and large, wish to mind their own business and be left alone, it could be they are intending to soon become ungovernable in ways the elites will experience as tens-of-millions of tiny cuts. While, at the same time, the incels and snowflakes appear to be pacified with an incoming president Biden; at least, for now, at the time of this writing.

Therefore, if declared martial law was the goal of The Borg, would it be better achieved with Biden as President? Or with Trump reinstalled by his (perceived) conservatively-stacked Supreme Court or state Republican legislatures – or even through more drastic measures taken to end the coup?

Or… perhaps the easiest pathway for The Borg to close all circles is via the tyrannical lockdown measures as mandated by Presidents Biden or Harris.

On the alternative internet, there were a few opposing theories regarding the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville. One was that The Borg used an energy weapon from outer  space to destroy the AT & T network hub in order to cover up Dominion software fraud in Georgia during the 2020 Presidential Election. The other theory was that Team Trump’s Space Force utilized outer space weaponry to prevent Dominion software fraud in the forthcoming Georgia senate run-off races.

Personally, given the seemingly ready-made RV-bombing narrative that ensued in the Orwellian Media, I would be less surprised if it turned out the Nashville network hub was destroyed by The Borg.  Or perhaps it was a lone ranger taking matters into his own hands after all.  Honestly, can anyone truly know what is exactly happening at any given time? Certainly not this American Nobody; hence the speculation.

But, be assured of this: If team Biden and Harris prevail and are crowned king and queen of The Swamp, The Borg will be coming for your guns faster than Chuck Schumer and Beto O’Rourke racing towards an MSNBC reporter in the wake of a mass shooting event.  And, when that happens, in the words of a commenter on my blog:  “if you feel the need to bury your firearms it might be getting close to time to use them.”

In the meantime, the average middle-American moonbat has no clue the election was stolen. They honestly believe Biden pulled off the victory in the urban enclaves and that the nation was saved by woke city dwellers in the select counties of a few contested states. And the propaganda spewed by the Orwellian Media provides the plausible deniability necessary for the nation’s court system and body politic to sell the charade of a “legitimate” presidential election.

Plausible deniability, or, rather, plausible liability is also how cities, counties, and states have been pressured to lockdown under the guise of Covid – even without “mandatory enforcement” in some red (conservative) counties and states. Truly, false premises and plausible deniability go together like lies and fear, tyranny, and privation, in warped realities and dystopian societies.

According to legend, Michelangelo was once asked how he sculpted the Statue of David and the ancient artist responded: “But I didn’t. I just chipped away everything that wasn’t David… until there he was.”

And that’s how truth-seekers can view the near-completed high towers of The Borg: by chipping away at the surrounding walls of deception.  Currently, it is an information war being waged by keyboard warriors, video whistleblowers, and voices over select radio frequencies.  The demarcation lines now divide belief systems and the territories are ideological and, even, spiritual. Yet, the tyrannical encroachment, and its resistance, will progressively manifest in three dimensions as a continuation by other means.

At this stage, the propaganda machine acts as shock and awe cannonading upon those who stand against deception as they gather around blue campfires dotted over the remaining free internet. Certainly, the resolve within the hearts of heritage Americans remains strong – perhaps even in similar percentages of the population as during the nation’s initial birth pains. But these people must also come to understand that current circumstances are the result of plans put into place decades ago.

The actual countdown to the End of America began in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and, just like clockwork, the steady march toward centralization has continued. The Borg has grown powerful, indeed, but it has not completely closed all of its circles yet. Time is running out, however, and perhaps the grandest deception The Borg ever conceived was to cause us to shadowbox against imaginary enemies while they, the true enemy, built their strong towers unabated.

Of course, the Borg’s latest offensives involve the Monstrously Mutated Strains of Covid® rising like Godzilla on our television screens. And, even if Trump, in Hail Mary fashion, were to retain the presidency…. would you put it past The Borg to conjure up aliens from outer space?

Just as doorways have always opened in the hallway of history, the choice to walk through them remained ours; and, even now, ignorance is no excuse. Certainly, there has been a “permission” aspect applied; in the same way legend says vampires may not enter a house unless they are first invited. This is why we are usually notified in advance of what will happen. Then, as always, any silence afterward is considered by The Borg as consent:

Just as the assignation of JFK eventually led to 911, the dawn of Covid has brought about the latest transition. An initiation ritual was performed and a spell was cast.  Now, half the country, and much of the world, are hypnotized and under the hex of a hallucinogenic fever dream.

In the precepts of Marxism, there is, indeed, a religious aspect to “The Greater Good” complete with its own morality and law. The operating program began centuries ago with Windows® now revealing Gates. In the latter cycles, WW I brought about the League of Nations; WW II delivered the U.N and 911 established the technocracy, while Covid is now in progress of closing the circle on the dead-end road to a new world order.

Soon, the only remaining border will separate those inside from those standing outside. Those remaining outside will have targets on their backs and what remains going forward will be only dreams and nightmares… depending upon where one sleeps or stands; at least until the spell is broken.

There has been a clarion call for A New Declaration of Independence and as things go kinetic, some of us will likely be taken out first as an example to the rest.  Then, the responsibilities will remain with you, Dear Reader, and the rest.

Because of their insatiable thirst for power, ignorance of history, arrogant and incorrect assumptions, intolerance for freedom, and contempt for their own heritage, these Tyrants and traitors within seek to conform us to their own will and unachievable Utopian vision. But because of their rejection of the God of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, they can only create a Hell on earth. This is a vision we reject and an agenda with which we cannot and will not comply. Because our abusers will never relent, they must be ended. We understand what this will entail, what will be required of us, and the personal cost we may well have to pay, but Freedom is so dear and our Legacy so worthy, that we are ready for this great undertaking.

Ultimately, at this late hour, to win the battles on the way to positive fruition, The Establishment must die by millions and millions of cuts. It means some of our problems will need to be accepted while others are solved. Solutions will be prioritized and the deciding factors for each will be chosen by those in the right places and at the right times.

The underlying aspects for a need to completely control the entire world are greed and fear; both birthed within the blackness of diabolical, narcissistic pride. Yes, The Borg is afraid, hence all of its deception. And it should be made to fear even more. To be sure, The Overlords rightly fear the power of true information as they remain in daily contact with staff, contractors, and employees, in their respective circles and within arm’s reach. Others might fear those out upon the perimeter walls, or in the shadows, or just ahead, or right around the corner.

The future flickers like shadows on a wall and one can’t help but wonder what the next few days, months, and year(s) will bring.  I am reminded of something I once heard someone say

Worries are prayers for what we don’t want to happen.

But beneath the rampant materialism and crass commercialism in America today, there are families, friends, and neighbours taking action and doing right by each other – demonstrating kindness, embracing forgiveness, and daily sacrificing to ensure the well-being of those in their homes, communities, and beyond.

Everyone, sooner or later, will choose their line in the sand, or, rather, what hill they wish to die upon. This is what I meant in my last “inevitability”article about “choosing one’s battles carefully and deliberately” as well as this question:

For those who understand that battles cannot be won simply by playing defense, a question remains: What can be won?

I’m talking about setting realistic priorities in the here and now.

It’s a New Year and a time for new beginnings. Hold on to the good and let go of the dross. But choose now. It is either us or them; and that is the real binary.

The next few days and weeks will provide many of the answers we have been seeking. And, at some point… whenever… wherever… everyone will either make a stand or they won’t.


Janus is an ancient Roman, a composite god who is associated with doorways, beginnings, and transitions. A usually two-faced god, he looks to both the future and the past at the same time, embodying a binary.

 If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.