Sunday, September 22, 2013

Religious Expressions confined to Houses of Worship, Not the Service Counters or Halls of Governments.

Governments that are formed by religious doctrine and use the power of government to support a religious belief undermines democracy and a free society.

Religion or religious cultures must not be used as the essential device for holding a democratic society together.

In an open, transparent and honest democracy there must always remain a separation between religion and government.

Religious neutrality by government demands that the halls, offices and institutions of the government are not used as the places for religious expression by any individual employee’s religious or atheist’s beliefs.

Diversity within a democracy cannot be defended by the male’s individual’s political-religious cultural traditions that coerce, female children, young girls and women to be self stigmatized and isolated within Canadian communities by demanding that they wear a religious symbol such as the niqab and burka!

For over 1400 years Muslim women have been explicitly prohibited by their religion from covering their faces and identity if they wished to pray in the Ka’aba, holiest house of God and the Muslim’s grand mosque!

As such in Quebec and throughout Canada, with all our customs, traditions and respect for women and children, our governments must not now be obliged to accept those who are committed to wearing a niqab or burka in government offices or institutions.

Quebec’s and Canada’s freedom of religion must recognize, rely on and uphold the truth and reject the false and wrongs of an interpretation of the Muslim religion that continues to be used to impose the worst king of no freedoms and stigmatization of women and children.     

The government of Quebec is showing leadership with the introduction of a values charter for government workers.

That at least attempts once and for all to take the veil off the lies Islamists use as propaganda in promoting their political-religious ideology.  

The wearing of a niqab or burka is coerced barbaric cultural traditions that have NO connection to Islam or the Quran and further limits the fundamental rights of women and children.

By banning the wearing of a niqab or burka by government employees the Quebec government is effectively telling Muslims specifically and others generally to practice one’s religion at home or in a place of worship and adopt one of Quebec's and Canadian values for the respect of women and children. 

For over 1400 years Muslim women have had to remove such cultural veils if they wished to pray. It is past time that the niqab and burka be permanently banned in all Canadian and Provincial government offices and institutions.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Multiculturalism a Failure in Quebec and Canada?

The liberal party’s cherished progressive socialist new world order ideologies for a communal society based on shared values of divergent cultures jammed into Canada’s national boundaries have caused endless cultural conflicts as opposed to harmony. And is a failure throughout Canada, Quebec and the European community of nations!

Unfortunately, many immigrants coming to Canada for the past twenty-five years have done so for our social benefits i.e. a free hospital, healthcare and handouts by politicians using taxpayer funds as opposed to their own.

Under these socialists and progressives, ideologies, and doctrines for state multiculturalism it has become quite obvious and apparent that various cultures have been encouraged to reside and live separate lives apart from the Canadian mainstream and even apart from one another’s cultures.

It seems a lot of immigrants or would-be refugees come to our country, with baggage for a clash of civilizations that fosters extremism and homegrown terrorists. And thus, they are not completely willing to accept our way of life, laws, and culture. They prefer to live and reside separately in their enclaves of various communities based on religious doctrines of conflict carried in their e baggage from a clash of civilizations that have fostered extremism and homegrown terrorists in their former countries.

And for far too long now as a nation we have tolerated such segregated religious and cultural communities behaving in ways that run completely counter to the values our nation was founded on and citizens fought two world wars to uphold.

I strongly believe that while it is important to respect some cultural differences, Canada and Quebec, Canada must be one national community and not just a coexistence of various different cultural communities within a nation that forces other cultures on Canadian citizens. Try that in Africa, Asia, or the Middle Eastern countries and see how that works!

Canada is a nation founded with Judeo-Christian values upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.

Our immigration policy should be that if you come to Canada or Quebec then you must accept to melt into our single Canadian community. If one wishes not to accept that notion, then you cannot be welcome in either Quebec or Canada, in my humble opinion.

Canadians must not tolerate extremism or racism carried out by people be they white, black, brown, pink, yellow or a rainbow of colours. Further, we must not allow teachings of views through laws that allow for the protection of one's colour, race or religious rights to supersede the rights of others' freedom of expression or views or that one's gender beliefs or colour etc. are more important or superior to those of others.

This should be the cornerstone of Canada's and Quebec's immigration thinking and policy.