Thursday, February 28, 2013

Political Hypocrisy at its’ Best in Ontario

Indiscretion in Ontario politics seems only to relate to matters that involve Toronto's duly elected Mayor Ford and do not apply when it pertains to Kathleen Wynne the recently anointed premier and the new leader of the Liberal party of Ontario for its ongoing green energy programs?

Mayor Ford according to Toronto's politically active city’s integrity commissioner, Janet Leiper, made headlines for her individual believe that it is an improper use of influence, by the then councillor Ford, to seek donations, gifts, benefits or favours as a public office holder.

As Ford had made the decision as to whom he would ask for donations, and these donations benefited both the schools who received grants and the councillors foundation for youth football! Not the mayor or councillor personally!  

But wait a minute here. Now the liberal party's policy and its supporters for green energy programs, that could cost Ontario taxpayers up to $200 MILLION, are being asked to donate $5,000 per executive from within the corporate power industry to support the Ontario Liberal party's energy platform policies and its' new leader Kathleen Wynne the recently anointed premier? 

These individual donations of $5,000 per plate shall directly benefit and the elected official Kathleen Wynne and the liberal party? get the picture!  

I guess because it is the lobbyists and high-roller executive’s from within the energy sector, whom conceivably might just benefit from such liberal party policies, which seek the individual $5,000 dollar donations for Kathleen Wynne as premier and leader of the party policies, it’s OK?

In this case, of course, there are no questions of any violations by the provinces integrity commissioner such as those held by the City of Toronto’s liberal appointed integrity commissioner concerning “improper use of influence” or it is improper for lobbyists to offer or provide gifts, benefits or favours, it is equally as improper for public office holders to ask for or suggest ways for lobbyists to provide gifts, benefits or favours.”?

Political party hypocrisy at its best by the liberal party of Ontario in my humble opinion as a mere mortal!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Education System is on a Cumulative Sick Leave!

Unfortunately, serious problems continue to exist within the taxpayer-funded educational system throughout Ontario and indeed Canada. 

It is not solely caused by monetary factors but also includes the irresponsibility of union leaders and members within the teaching profession, colleges and parents.

I would venture to guess that 49% of teachers throughout Ontario are very dedicated and devoted to teaching students as opposed to engaging in union activities that directly affect the learning abilities and education of students.

However, 23.3% of today's youth between the ages of 15 to 24 are neither in education nor employment. Ontario’s high school graduation rate, as per Stat Canada, is 75.5% and compared to the national average of 74.8% as of 2010.

Bad news even without taking into account that the liberal government reduced the curriculum standards from 5 years to just 4 years.

What this all means in economic reality terms is that in Ontario 492,000 thousand students between the ages of 15 to 24 annually enter society WITHOUT having obtained or completed basic high school education.  

Across Canada, this number is in excess of 1.2 MILLION students that enter society and the community without the basic skills of a high school education.

For 75 years society has known that individuals who fail to obtain a high school degree are more than twice as likely to fall into decades of welfare and poverty.

The poverty rates throughout North America, unfortunately, are highest among Blacks, be they African American or African Canadian, aboriginals, Hispanics, Immigrants having English as a Second Language and Students in rural communities.    
The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD) calculations tell us that $49 dollars and $65 dollars respectively represent the average per-hour cost for primary and secondary teachers. 

In Canada, our taxpayer-funded cost for elementary teachers is $68 dollars per hour and secondary teachers come in at $74 dollars per hour! Something has to change that can drastically reduce these costs and reverse the trend of our youth dropping out of our schools.

A school voucher or a tuition tax credit of $5,000 to $8,000 based on a family’s combined gross incomes of say less than $60,000 would more easily assist parents and their children in choosing to transfer out of the public system into a private school.

This is not a novel idea as it has already been proposed by Malkin Dare, President of, the Society for Quality Education along with some other effective and meaningful educational and cost-saving measures that would greatly reduce the present overall cost for ever-increasing education budgets.

Education has strayed from the teaching or learning of science, math, biology, physics, Canadian history and languages, reading and writing to teaching and learning the rights of unions, forcing homosexual activist clubs and gay-straight alliances into our school systems.      

A failed unionized professional system that annually leaves behind nearly half a MILLION Ontario students and in excess of 1.2 MILLION Canadian students!  

A profession-based system that continues to increase poverty, welfare and jobless numbers and concerns itself with non-education curriculum issues of salary increases, benefits, sick days, pensions and gay and lesbian rights.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ontario Voter Power Spring Uprising.

  Prorogation: An all-party condoned procedure and legacy used by this liberal government for purely political reason to high-jack democracy through pompous unwritten principles, non-binding conventions and traditions according to the liberal parties anointed lieutenant governor and Queen's representative  as opposed to the peoples or voters representative.

Wynne’s promise to her liberal party to recall the legislature in itself does not resolve or solve her political parties or that of other future potential abuse of arrogantly using prorogation for political purposes.

Unless the throne speech introduces measures that effectively would prohibit and make it impossible for governing political parties from introducing prorogation, unless Canada is in a declared state of war, this liberal government should be immediately defeated on a no-confidence vote by the opposition parties forthwith.

  Education:  A liberal party legacy that has allowed public education to be controlled, managed and bullied around by teachers through their union leaders and associations at the direct expense of students and taxpayers.

As a profession  teachers supposedly entered this work environment NOT for the money as it has become for wages, benefits, sick days, time off and pensions but rather to teach. Labour through it unions must be controlled by governments, the people, the same way corporations not dictated to by unelected members of the legislature.

Taxpayers, students and parents all have had enough of collateral damage directly caused to the public education system by the labour movements. The facts are clear 40,000 children do not graduate annually and a great number of those who do cannot realistically read, write or do the math, let alone spell or carry on a conversation. 

Teachers and their unauthorized indoctrination of children and students, unlike those making cars, defending the innocent and guilty, doctors and the likes, as a profession are unaccountable for the consequences of their actions to the children, students, parents, taxpayers or society.      

The public wants a word with these teachers and that is if you do not wish to teach then get out of the profession now and find another career through a union and leave the teaching to teachers who are dedicated to the same and not monetary gains at the expense of students and others. 

What about cutting the fat out of education @

  Energy: Another economic disaster directly caused by this liberal government. The cancellation of gas plants demands a RCMP investigation and a subsequent judicial inquiry that has an outcome resulting in jail time and restitution by MPP’s, bureaucrats, technocrats and political parties found responsible and thus liable for wasteful spending, fiscal mismanagement of programs and services that for me legally was a breach of trust on or within government by a lack of fiduciary duties or oversight and mismanagement of public funds.     

There has been no track of transparency by Wynne previously and as such simply asking the auditor general to check the books is in my humble opinion a political attempt at a further cover-up by this liberal party.

  Economics: The liberal party of Ontario for the past ten years has clearly demonstrated no transparent political decency and honesty relating to Social justice.

As such for this liberal government is the effective implementation of the above three measures.

  Transit and Transportation:  Wynne has been a Toronto member of the legislature for a decade and has never concerned herself or her party or led the way on transit issues for either the city or the GTHA.

A 1% transit tax on banks, unions and all corporate taxpayers as opposed to a new direct 1% sales tax on individuals or parking fee increases, road tolls or additional gas taxes is the one measure immediately required for transit subway funding. 

Presently and for far too long individual income taxpayers contribute $24.2 Billion annually in taxes, while banks, corporations contribute a mere $9.4 Billion in taxes.

Any new revenues for transit funding must come from a 1% transit tax on banks, unions and all corporation doing business in Ontario and NOT a sales tax on individual taxpayers.  

Corporate Transit Employer Tax

Ontario has a dead government walking

TABLE 2.12 Summary of Medium-Term Outlook
($ Billions)


Taxation Revenue

Personal Income Tax

Sales Tax

Corporations Tax

Ontario Health Premium

Education Property Tax

All Other Taxes

Government of Canada

Income from Government Business Enterprises

Other Non-Tax Revenue

Total Revenue

Proposed revenue possibilities are:

Revenue source
Nominal rate
GTHA annual revenue
Personal income tax increase
$1.4 billion
Sales tax
$1.3 billion
Property tax
$90 million
Payroll tax
$500 million
Highway tolls
10 cents/KM
$1.5 billion
Fuel tax
10 cents
$500 million
Vehicle tax
$300 million
Parking levy
$365 per space
$1.08 billion
Land transfer tax
$600 million
Development charges
$5,000 per unit
$200 million

PS. As you can see NO mention or thought of a 1% transit tax on banks, unions or corporation? 

Text of Ontario liberal party Throne Speech 2013@

UP Date Info @

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Duty-bound not to divulge the contents of conversation concerning the open-ended prorogation!

This liberal party's anointed lieutenant-governor pigeonholed the office with partisan politics when without hesitation or question he pompously went along with the liberal party's hijacking of democracy through its prorogation of the legislature.

It is hard-working, so-called ordinary Ontarians, who pay the bills, salaries, benefits and pension of the lieutenant-governor for any real-life performance or non-performance in the people’s legislature.

The publicly funded Queen’s representative David Onley, for the liberal party of Ontario as opposed to being an up-front representative for Ontario resident taxpayers, the only response to date for supporting prorogation of the people’s legislature and not asking other parties to form a coalition government on behalf of their electorate was based purely on pompous unwritten principles, non-binding conventions and traditions.

All hogwash in my humble opinion as a mere mortal and ordinary Canadian and Ontarian!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ontario liberal party's anointed premier has far greater problems that media trumpeted Toronto phobia!

Unfortunately, the entire liberal party of Ontario along with K. Wynne services to the liberal party as an elected party member of the legislature is part and parcel of the problems that taxpayers and the next few generations of youth are now forced to contend with for years to come. 

Her unquestionable support for the liberal party and its fiscal policies of out of control spending, borrowing and higher debt thanks partially to cancelled gas plants, E-Health, Energy Plan, No Bid Contracts, Non-Competitive or Sole Sourced and Closed Tendered Contracts all resulted from her support as a public servant for the liberal party that led lastly produced the Hijacking Democracy Ontario Style through the prorogation of the Ontario legislature.                      

                                                                                            For myself and tens of thousands of Ontario citizens of voting age such collaborative destructive actions on the part of Wynne and her liberal party DO NOT represent positive change but rather fiscal mismanagement that borders on a breach of trust on or within the government, its bureaucrats and technocrats for disregard of their elected or appointed fiduciary duties and mismanagement of public funds in my humble opinion as a mere mortal.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do Political Parties Represent Honesty and Transparency?


A copy of an open letter to Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC party for What it is worth.


As an elected member of the conservative party, supposedly representing about 40,000 members, some of which are less than voting age or even age of majority similar to the liberals, NDP and other political parties and all, in reality, accounts for less than ONE per cent of eligible voters, might I suggest that you as the leader of this party and all the other party leaders have a real problem in getting a majority of members elected as puppets to the Ontario legislature!

For myself, 60,000 thousand plus non-political yet voting individuals associated with me from time to time. Most likely 50% of them, unfortunately, do not take the time to vote.

To get elected yourself along with a slim majority of your political party’s selected candidates for the legislature, as your voting puppets, might one suggest a winning election platform for such members including yourself of course as their leader?

Once democracy is back in place because of the peoples legislature is finally recalled after its prorogation for purely political party reasons in part thanks in part to the backward thinking of the so-called Queen's representative David Onley and your parties failure to effectively or politically  meaningfully or legally challenge such a one-sided political farce by the previous leader of the liberal party, you announce that within the first day of the opening of the legislature, your party goes on record to demand the following:  

1.      Defeats the government immediately on a vote of no confidence and first introduce legislation that prohibits any political party or its leader in the legislature from ever again using prorogation of the people's legislature, unless the parliament of Canada has declared an act of war, for self-serving party politics and high jacking democracy through such a procedural process.

2.      Call for an RCMP investigation and federal judicial inquiry into the cancellation of power plants, E-health, Orange and all no-bid contracts, non-competitive sole-sourced or closed tendered contracts at city and municipal levels.

3.      Introduce legislation that call for a revamp and reorganization of Metrolinx and the TTC that allows for a new GTHA public transit authority that includes one  elected representative from each region or municipality and city along with one from the province and the federal government.

4.      Introduce legislation that call for a ONE Percent Transit Tax on all corporations, banks, unions and non-profit organization that shall be designated legally for only existing and operating transit system within Canada using a funding formal based solely on ridership and user stats.

The citizens of Ontario have had enough of wasteful spending and non commitment to transit funding by both the provincial and federal garments, the extravagant salaries of elected and non elected officials and their benefits, pensions, union wages and pensions, teachers breaking the laws because of union leaders greed under the false banner of union negotiation rights etc.    

Elected official including the premier, political parties, bureaucrats, technocrats, and union leaders all must be held legally responsible and pay restitution for past and present act of breach of trust on or within the government or union members for disregard of their elected or appointed fiduciary duties and mismanagement of public funds or union dues.

Should you incorporate the above you just might have an opportunity to get yourself and a majority of your political party members elected

Warmest regards,

Peter Clarke