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Individual Freedom and Security

Individual freedom and Security are not so much the objective security of a Country's Constitution, or even the justice system but rather a sense of confidence in our ability to take care of ourselves.

While constitutions and justice systems play crucial roles in safeguarding rights and maintaining order, as prescripted by governments and then interpreted by the courts, the true sense of confidence in one's ability to take care of oneself and feel secure often goes beyond legal frameworks alone.

The concept of individual freedom involves the absence of coercion or undue constraints on personal choices and actions. When people feel free to make decisions that align with their values and beliefs without fear of oppression or discrimination, they have and thus experience a greater sense of freedom.

On the other hand, security encompasses protection from harm, both physical and psychological. It is not just limited to protection from external threats, such as crime or invasion, but also extends to economic security, social security, and a sense of overall well-being.

The sense of confidence in taking care of oneself is a crucial aspect of freedom and security. It goes beyond relying solely on the formal institutions and systems established by the constitution or justice system of governments be they a Democracy, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Totalitarian, Theocracy, Aristocracy or Dictatorship.

All peoples of the world, as individuals, have lives, relationships, families, and the inherent right to reject or accept social trends and have that right and freedom to free speech and make choices without being bullied, coerced, intimidated, or cancelled or censored by either side of an issue?

Nor censored and silenced by social media or mainstream media outlets of any kind.

As a true democracy doesn’t need fact-blockers or politically biased fact-checkers, no matter if they are from the government, agencies of the government or private corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. We need more freedom to speak and discuss opinions on all sides of any issue, not less.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Yahoo are the next few Teck corporations that require new owners who support open and free dialogue NOT censorship based on a particular political ideology.

Every individual has the right to define oneself and should others agree with your self-definition or not is another matter entirely.

Unfortunately, it seems obvious that the goal of the mainstream gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender community is to force its ideals onto all citizens in their attempt to reduce individual rights by creating a society that must conform to only one viewpoint?

And when one does not conform you are instantly labelled a homophobic or a Trans phobia person!

Also, we have permitted non-elected bureaucrats and technocrats to be appointed into positions of setting policy based, on their reasons and speech, without any directly elected accountability or authority from the citizens at large.
Their policies have revolved around deciding for us the cradle-to-grave decisions that once were democratically reserved solely for families and individuals, NOT the ideologies of only one political party.

Throughout the world, we witness progressive liberal socialists deeply involved emotionally in attacks on truth, reality, free speech, banking, and property rights while ignoring the laws of the land, through the weaponization of the legal systems, the courts etc. in my opinion.

“Freedom” means the opportunity to go through life, with real goals not the artificial goals of surrogate activities, like the media, and without interference, manipulation, or supervision from anyone, especially from any large organization or government.

Freedom means being in control (either as an individual or as a member of a SMALL group) of the life-and-death issues of one’s existence; food, clothing, shelter, and defence against whatever threats, real or conceived there may be in one’s environment.

Freedom means having power; not the power to control, or mandate other people but the power to control the circumstances of one’s own life.

One does not have judicial freedom if anyone else (especially the government or a large organization or media) has power over one, no matter how benevolently, tolerantly, and permissively that power may be exercised.

It is important not to confuse freedom or justice with mere permissiveness and inducement by uncontrolled media reporters or journalists. As Constitutional rights are useful up to a point, yet they do not serve to guarantee much more than what might be called the bourgeois conception of judicial freedom.

Freedom of the press is of very little use to the average citizen as an individual. The mass media are mostly under the control of large organizations that are integrated into the system. Anyone who has a little money can have something printed or can distribute it on the Internet or in some such way, but what he/she has to say will be swamped by the vast volume of material put out by the media or have it un-ceremonially cancelled by the social media Teck giants, hence it will have no practical effect.

To make an impression on society with words is therefore almost impossible for most individuals and small groups in today's so-called democracies worldwide.

Freedom without the individual being in a legal position to protect oneself, then there is no security for the individual or the security of a family.

Politicians say, "Public safety is our top priority.”

Yet, why is it that they do not enforce all the laws and bylaws currently on the books?

Further, why do they not demand that prosecutors, judges, the laws, and sentencing be used to protect public safety as a top priority and for the victims and innocent citizens who pay the price for crimes committed by criminal elements within society?

To solve the problem of crime the laws must be enforced, prosecutors must demand the maximum sentencing and judges must sentence all criminals, regardless of age, based on the laws for crimes of adults under the criminal code NOT under The Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Further, our laws must be updated relating to sentencing i.e., crimes committee on public transit of any kind must be considered as a domestic terrorist act and upon conviction of the first offence, with or without a weapon, the minimum sentence must be one of 15 years without parole of any kind and the first ten years of the sentence must be served in a jail NOT any other institution like a halfway house etc.

And prosecutors or judges all of whom are not elected officials who do not adhere to these new regulations must be FIRED and prohibited from ever holding or working for any government position or within any government agency for life. Plus receive a fine, a minimum fine of $1 MILLION dollars for not protecting the victims and innocent citizens worldwide.

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