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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Question’s Remain, Libya’s Civil War was for Who?

The question remains, Libya’s civil war, not a revolution from the very beginning, was for whom and for what purposes?

What is for Sharia law or the reintroduction of a monarchy that NATO interfered and supported one side in Libya’s civil war?

Was the creation of the unelected Libya’s National Transition Council a trade off for Libyan oil for Italy, France, the EU and other countries?

The facts of history past, lest we forget, should always be compared to events of the present.

For me, it seems that the history of installing or appointing selected individuals to represent the interests of others in the name of the Libyan people just keeps on repeating itself.

Let’s remember that back in 1951 the USA and Britain, in Benghazi, installed the exiled Libyan monarchy of Idris. The appointment of this monarchy as then stated, was of course, to represent the Libyan people.

However, more importantly, at the same time this monarchy installed by western powers would be the overseers in the Kingdom of Libya and North Africa to protect the economic and military interests of these western governments.

Then 18 years later in 1969, Libya with the lowest standards of living in the world, thanks to that installed monarchy for the benefit of the Libyan people by western powers, was itself overthrown in a bloodless revolution led by a Libyan Muammar al Gaddafi.

After this bloodless 1969 internal military coup in Libya led by Gaddafi, the western oil companies shortly thereafter were nationalized by the Libyan regime.

As a result, one of the first military and economic causalities in Libya was the dismantling of the American Wheelus airbase in the kingdom of Libya along with the evacuation of all British and American forces stationed in that previous kingdom.

Libya’s was a civil war and not at all like the mob uprising in Egypt which was supported and urged on by international union organizations, various foreign and domestic rights groups, Muslim special interest groups including the original Jihad from inside and outside of Egypt, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, the free Palestine movement from the west bank and Gaza to mention but a few.
We must remember that in 2011, Libya was exporting 80% of its Oil to Italy (32%), Germany (14%), France (10%), USA (5%) and China (10%) and is Africa’s largest exporter of oil with approximately 1.7 million tons a day.

Considering the history, and under the camouflage of civil war, it seems it was now payback time for the Gaddafi regime and Libya by western powers using NATO early in 2011 thanks to the commencement of a civil war which could be externally managed under the further guise of a revolution.

On March 11, 2011, France was the first to recognize the rebel council in Benghazi fighting to oust Muammar Gaddafi from power in Libya’s civil war.

Therefore, is France one of the puppet masters of the NTC?
Just prior to this in February 27, 2011, and once again in Benghazi, the NTC was formed around the axis of two men, Mahmoud Jibril and Abdel Jalil’s, modern day equivalents to Marcus Julius Brutus.

Thus, the NTC was and remains a group of self appointed individuals acting as a government, propped up by western powers, without having been legally or officially established by the Libyan people.

In reality then the NTC serves as a function for western powers and the people of Libya without having been legally established officially by a majority of the Libyan people but rather installed by western powers using the military might of NATO, 70% controlled by the USA, for the protection of what and for whose purpose?

As previously pointed out, on March 11, 2011 with the internal civil war of Libya still raging on Libya announced it had suspended diplomatic relations with France after French President Nicolas Sarkozy recognized the rebel council in Benghazi fighting to oust Muammar Gaddafi from power?

One of the self appointed opposition envoy’s Ali al-Issawi, meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, proudly announced that "France has recognized the national transition council as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people."?

This same NTC member endorsed by France further stated that "On the basis of this recognition, we are going to open a diplomatic mission, that is our own embassy in Paris, and an ambassador from France will be sent to Benghazi," a key city held by revolutionaries, he added.

France was the first to recognize the rebel council in Benghazi fighting to oust Muammar Gaddafi from power in Libya’s civil war. The question then persists, is France one of the puppet masters of the NTC and or the mastermind in getting NATO’s involvement?

The Gaddafi regime upon hearing this news, while the civil war was getting under way, stated that "A country like France cannot be stupid enough to recognize such people who only represent themselves," the official said.

Further a foreign ministry official within the then legal Gaddafi government stated that they would "consider severing ties with France after information about the dangerous intervention in Libyan affairs," as quoted previously by Jana in March 2011.

"Today the decision has been taken to suspend diplomatic relations with France," Libya's Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim said. "It's clear the French government is concentrating on dividing Libya."

President Barack Obama stated on March 11 that the US and its allies are slowly 'tightening the noose' on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and that a no-fly zone remains an option to put pressure on him.

The White House called the council "legitimate and credible", but stopped short of granting full diplomatic recognition to the opposition.

"During the meeting, Mr. Donilon stated that the United States views the NTC, as a legitimate and credible interlocutor of the Libyan people," the White House said in a statement, released after the meeting.

Let us all keep in mind that it was only on February 27, 2011 and in Benghazi, that this entity under the name of the NTC was formed around the axis of two men, Mahmoud Jibril  and Abdel Jalil’s, modern day equivalents to Marcus Julius Brutus?     

In May 14, 2011, it was only France, Italy and Qatar who had officially recognized the NTC as Libya’s legitimate unelected government and at the same time was also taking part with NATO with air strikes on strategic Libyan government sites as an effort to protect the civilian population and oust the Libyan leader Muammar Al Gaddafi?

Today the world wakes up the knowledge that the NTC is the axis of and based on a Muslim modern day equivalent to Marcus Julius Brutus.

Their leaders and a majority of the NTC members as we all now know describe themselves as secular people and this greatly concerns me and hopefully raises further red flags to the entire civilized world or what is left of it?

History and the facts are that this so-called “secularism” has been responsible for and accomplished more evil in the 20th century as evidenced by the underlying secular regimes of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Mao than religion itself.

Perhaps it is time that every member state within the UN along with the self appointed NTC members, NATO and all western powers who directly got involved in the civil war within the sovereign state of Libya should be held liable and accountable.

Such accountability to be conducted by a free and truly independent international criminal and civil court of law  proceedings for any and all atrocities, killings, tortures, bombings and collateral damages as a result of these bodies and governments direct interference and involvement from having taken one side of the Libyans people in its sovereign state of civil war.

Might is never right and does not represent freedom, liberty or democracy when formed by a de facto entity like the National Transition Council for the Libyan people or by a foreign government’s inference with another sovereign state?  

$$ Dollars $$ spent by western powers interfering with Libya’s civil war through NATO.
United State $1,100 billion USD, Canada $50 million USD, United Kingdom $1,500 Billion, USD France $450 million USD Sweden $50 million USD?

7. Nothing contained in the present Charter
shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in
matters which are essentially within the domestic
jurisdiction of any state or shall require the Membersto submit such matters to settlement under
the present Charter; but this principle shall not
prejudice the application of enforcement measures