Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Tax of 10% to 13 % on Your Life Saving Investment Deposits Coming to Your Country.

Thanks to the decisions of non elected technocrats, bureaucrats, the IMF, World Bank whose funds and directors are for the most part all supported and financed from Canadian, American, European, African, Asian, South American, etc  taxpayer collected revenues by our governments as part and parcel of the new world order of sleazy politics.

Any Canadian or American not alarmed by this EU action in Cyprus is either brain dead or oblivious to the reality of the warning signs of government corruption, spending and borrowing related to this worldwide financial crisis in the form of continuing bailouts on the backs of citizens and not corporations, banks, union organizations and special interest groups.

Every individual and families hard-earned after-tax dollars are not that safe in our banking systems and could be taxed for a second time for bank and government bailouts around the globe with you having a vote or any honest political discussion on such tax cash grab.

Without any advanced public warning or political input from political party representative in Cyprus on Saturday March 16, 2013 somebody from the Cypriot government endorsed and agreed to conditions, demanded by non elected European Union technocrats and bureaucrats. 

Along with representatives from the IMF and the World Bank these publicly closed-door meetings stipulated a condition for a 13% to 9 % tax on all the lifelong after-tax savings accounts of residents and citizens of Cyprus as one of many hidden conditions demanded by the European Union and its international monetary fund supports for a $13 Billion dollar bailout fund.

A cash grab and stealing of citizens savings that have already been previously taxed through earnings or investment taxes etc. that can be compared to the 2001 Argentina governments freezing 100% of all a citizens’ and residents savings and bank accounts which they said was for two years but as of today ¾ of these funds have NOT been returned to individual depositors.

In 1979 however, it was the elected representatives from all political parties in the Ontario legislature in Canada who first introduced and passed an illegal government motion to freeze the bank accounts and assets of a resident of Ontario and Canadian citizen.

This act of criminality by the Ontario legislature was later found to be ultra vires (beyond their legal power) thanks to the tireless efforts of Eric R. Murray, Toronto’s best litigation lawyer in my opinion.

That attempt at freezing a citizen’s assets and bank accounts in Ontario Canada, in my opinion, goes to highlight the deceptive and thug like behavioural attitude and actions of all political party legislative members and their non elected technocrats and bureaucrats.

What Canadians and the rest of humanity is witnessing in Cyprus is the beginning of the greatest government robbery of citizens savings account in the history of humanity in the name of failed banks, corporations and governments.

I have stated for a while now that the European Union is not constituted on the basis of, for the people by the people, rather by political parties for their party controlled government propped up by their puppet representatives of the party, not the voters and operated, managed and controlled by non elected technocrats and bureaucrats around the globe.  

 When people’s honest hard-earned savings are stolen by governments in any name or cause our civil society dissolves with it. You cannot say that we were not warned! 

Each of us must decide whether our savings are any longer save in the hands of financial institutions that are protected by governments and their political parties.



Cyprus-Style “Bail-Ins” Proposed In The New 2013 Canadian Government Budget!

 “All People are created equal and equally imperfect and we still have unequal laws and taxes created by unjust people,” Peter CLARKE 2010

As Philip Jenkins once noted, one cannot say that we were not warned!


More news:
Cyprus legislators remain unconvinced.
"Essentially parliament is called to legalize a decision to rob depositors blind, against every written and unwritten law," said Yiannakis Omirou, speaker of parliament.

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