Friday, March 1, 2013

If Mayor Rob Ford gives up football foundation, Wynne should Resign as Ontario Liberal party Leader!

City of Toronto leftists councillor Perks believes  “That bedrock principle, that you cannot use your office to raise money for any cause, is one of the safeguards against corruption at City Hall.” 

To paraphrase the city's integrity commissioner who has also previously stated her political believe " that it is an improper use of influence to accept, seek, or receive gifts, benefits or favours as an elected public office holder," begs questions about similar questionable activities performed by political parties while in office. 

Unfortunately however the Ontario public has yet to hear from the provincial integrity commissioner, elected members of the liberal party, or the elected members of either the NDP or Conservative party. 

As to their position concerning a bedrock political principle and believe of the city's integrity commissioner relating to the appropriateness of individual elected representatives while holding office or their political party accepting cash benefits from fund raisers representing specific sectors of the economy in the individual amount of $5,000 dollars or more?
Couple  this with the already well now fact that the Liberal party's green energy political policy concerning wind power could end up costing Ontario taxpayers in excess of $200 Hundred MILLION dollars! 

Where is the outcry from the NDP supporters of this liberal party governments or the Conservative Party and its elected members?

The double standards and hypocrisy of it all never fails to amaze me as  to the inappropriateness of such unfortunate political actions in my humble opinion.

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