Monday, March 11, 2013

Lynching of Mayor Ford Politically Attempted by Sarah Thompson?

This endless stream for sensationalism by political activists and special interest group losers propped up and supported by the media and wannabe infamous seeking pro bono lawyer, all of whom desperately seek for the Mayor to be kicked out of office or resign, has now become continuing attempts for a political lynching of mayor Rob Ford, similar to that of Herman Cain.

Mayor Ford is not the harasser but the harassed.

These continue slanderous attacks are nothing more than political hit-jobs. The Mayor Ford economic train is on the right subway track as opposed to a new 1% sales tax increase proposed by Thompson and her corporate and union political backers. 

Such unverifiable slanderous personal allegations against Rob Ford the Mayor of Toronto have all been politically motivated to destroy him, his brother, the family business and indeed his entire family, in my humble opinion as a mere mortal.

Toronto’s left wing establishment was polarized against the Ford mayoralty campaign from its beginning.

Right after his election as Mayor in 2010 this group swung into action to replace this uppity white non establishment individual. The political left absolutely lost their minds after the election and immediately started spewing hatred toward this over weight white non establishment conservative.

With constant media blitzes through ongoing attempts at smearing the personal reputation and character of Rob Ford, his brother, the family business and the entire Ford family.

The media and Toronto Star in particular it seems would much rather report unsubstantiated and unverifiable allegations about Rob Ford because reporting about the real issue of Toronto left leaning councillors inability to curb spending and borrowing for unsustainable taxpayer funded social programs would not be in the best interest of the Mayors opponents on this council or future mayoral candidates.

Mayor Ford continues to be bullied and harassed and not the harasser or bully. The decision concerning his mayoralty administration shall be decided by the voters not the non-elected establishment, the courts or the media.

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