Saturday, January 28, 2012

Toronto Hydro another Dawning Political City Scandal Similar too TCHC on the Horizon?

Torontonians should be outraged at what continues on unabated at Toronto hydro because of a not so sound or transparent effective corporate practices and governance. 

In my opinion Toronto Hydro customers and taxpayers together should be demanding that a forensic audit, similar to that of TCHC, be conducted immediately.

Toronto Hydra’s current and self serving CEO, who is paid more than the US President or our Canadian Prime Minister, should be immediately replace by an interim CEO appointed by the courts on behalf of taxpayers and customers.  

All appointed board members, including those from city council, should be asked for their resignation from Toronto Hydro’s board of directors prior to an immediate forensic audit.

The management, union and current CEO should all be held equally accountable and liable for any wrong doings related to past rate hikes, business practices which resulted in the current lack of proper minimum reliability standards of the utility as approved by the board, management, condoned by union bosses and by city council.  

The past and current fuzzy expenses and accounting actions by Toronto Hydra’s Board of directors and management of deceitfully diverting funds, as evidenced in court, needed by the city’s utility for its system reliability and maintenance for the utilities aging wires and equipment, by illegally increasing unwarranted dividend payments to the city of Toronto was NOT  in the best interests its customers, taxpayers.

Such unethical and perhaps fraudulent practice is not in keeping with sound, honest, forthright corporate governance practices. It further does not create or maintain taxpayer or customer confidence in the management or the board of the utility but rather just the opposite.

However it does represent a culture of deceit and an unethical business management goal and agenda of declaring Toronto Hydro a “dividend revenue source” for the city’s ongoing financial crisis at the direct expense of Toronto hydro customers, maintenance of the utility and taxpayers.

On the other hand the president of CUPE local one, the union representing the 1, 250 Toronto Hydro workers, last year stated Publicly-owned and delivered electricity has helped Toronto prosper. Toronto Hydro keeps the lights on for everyone – and returns millions of dollars to our city every year. When we pay for electricity, we’re paying ourselves because the City of Toronto is the sole shareholder in Toronto Hydro.

It seems Hydro’s publicly appointed board of directors, along with city unions, special interest groups and a majority of elected councillors all continue and prefer to gamble, play fast and loose with taxpayer dollars as if it was their own money at a roulette table.

Further their attempts at raising rates to customers so that deceptive dividend payments could be deceitfully made to shore up the city of Toronto’s fiscal problems and keep union dues flowing in for the grossly inflated salaries of union bosses on the back of customers is a least unethical, immoral and worst fraudulent.

When the outgoing Mayor miraculously discovered $104.82 MILLION Dollars of Tax Payers Money Peter CLARKE called for an In-depth External Forensic Audit of City Finances, prior to Elections. That request fell on deaf ears.

Perhaps now with yet another process being a sham our Provinces Attorney General, city council along with the media and others will start demanding an investigation into these recurring shams and neglect of judiciary responsibilities by councillors, appointed Toronto hydro board members and union bosses.

Times Toronto: Times Toronto: Toronto Hydro another Potential Pol...

Times Toronto: Times Toronto: Toronto Hydro another Potential Pol...: Times Toronto: Toronto Hydro another Potential Political City Sca... : Torontonians should be outraged at what continues to go on unabated a...

Times Toronto: Toronto Hydro another Potential Political City Sca...

Times Toronto: Toronto Hydro another Potential Political City Sca...: Torontonians should be outraged at what continues to go on unabated at Toronto hydro because of a not so sound or transparent effec...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Councillors Josh and Josh Play a Jewish Roulette Game with Taxpayer Dollars.

It was not a Hail Mary or Save the Children vote, as the media has called it, but a roulette gamble played out by two Toronto Jewish councillors Josh and Josh that in the long term shall actually cost Torontonians and extra $500,000 yearly or a bit less in additional interest payments on the city’s debt for the next 20 years.
Toronto it seems has 23 Councillors who are either unable or lack the financial knowledge and experience and the political capability of re-prioritizing their continued unsustainable habits of spending and borrowing.
This is not how elected representatives should work with our money.
It was not at all in the best interests of the majority of Toronto taxpayers and definitely not a prudent or fiscally responsible way to deal with the city continuing debt crisis.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Self Anointed Opposition De Facto Groups of the SNC and FSA Responsible for Terrorists Bombing Attacks Against Unarmed Syrian Children and Women?

The so called Syrian opposition is made up of armed forces deserters, Syrian exile members of the de facto groups like the SNC (Syrian national council), FSA (free Syrian army) and non Syrian fanatic extremists for a free Palestine along with the Muslim brotherhood for Sharia law and all are doing battle against the Assad regime and the Syrian people.

Recent bombings in Damascus have the finger print tactics of continually used by al- Qaeda, fundamentalist Sunni Muslim terrorists groups and others from throughout the region in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Jordan.

How can the Canada, the USA and other western powers support such radical extremists and fanatical religious non elected but self anointed individuals and armed forces deserters and terrorists who call themselves the opposition and then proceed to intentionally detonate 10 kilos of highly flammable explosives in the centre of Damascus next to a primary school, shops and a mosque?

The Turkey based and self anointed commander of these Syrian army deserters a Colonel Riad al-Asaad recently stated to the world that "All operations against the Syrian regime are to be stopped except in a situation of self defense."

The western media for propaganda reasons continually refers to this non democratic and self appointed De facto group of exiles, who reside outside of Syria in Turkey and France, as the opposition and would have the world believe that the SNC and FSA was formed purely for the protection of the unarmed citizens of Syrian and its resources.

These armed protester’s, rebels, insurgents, army deserters and terrorists under the banner of an opposition are killing people as are Syrian government forces who continually claim that Syria is fighting Islamist militants steered from abroad. Maybe the world does not like it but it is a Syrian domestic civil war under the jurisdiction of the state.

The Syrian people from both sides fighting within Syria without outside intervening by western powers, pundits, academic experts or the United Nations for their own political and economic interests must decide the outcome.

However it remains my position that this civil war in Syria is definitely under the domestic jurisdiction of the state of Syria and as such it is time that France, Turkey, USA, Britain, Canada, Libya, Egypt, Iran, the displaced Palestine's fighters and all others to butt out of the internal domestic affairs of Syria or attempt to legitimize the SNC as the official opposition of the Republic of Syria.

If the regime is doomed then the Republic of Syria along with its constitution and all the legal citizens of Syria will once again be controlled by outside interests and the establishment of Sharia law as most likely will be the case in Libya and Egypt with more Middle Eastern countries to soon follow. 

2013 Up Date

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gold Plated Salaries of Elite City Councillors and Canadian Politicians Have Left the Rest of Us Footing the Bills.

Toronto city councillors have an annual salary of $99,619.52 plus an annual tax free expense account of $30,000 on top of their 100% taxpayer paid extended health and dental coverage, life insurance of 2 times salary, long term disability at 75% of salary, mileage reimbursed @ 52 cents per kilometer, one years full salary and benefits upon leaving office and OMERS pension plan.   

All Ontario members of the legislature recently received a 25% increase which resulted in cabinet minister’s salary rising to $157,633 in addition to benefits and expense accounts. 
Canadian federal cabinet members in parliament enjoy an annual salary of $218,500, plus expenses, benefits and lavish pensions. 
The elected provincial members of the legislature receive an annual salary of $126,321 plus expenses, benefits and pensions at the same time our federal elected members of parliament are paid an annual salary of $147,700 plus expenses, benefits and pension. 
All these politician's salaries, expense accounts, benefits and lavish pensions, of course, are paid for on the backs of  Canadians with the average annual salary of a mere $44,366?    
Thus it is not just only the top executives but over paid basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis and soccer players etc. along with actors and actresses who ALSO play a significant role in driving the growth in income inequality throughout Ontario, Canada and the world. 

Talk about media hypocrisy…