Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Vote for Results NOT Personality

All I ask is that you just consider this:

When you think your President, Trump is an idiot,

HE IS NOT! He is a New Yorker. Some say that he is a jerk, arrogant and bombastic. 

When his feelings are intentionally hurt and like a lot of people, he is a hothead. Then, in defending himself he hits back; Stronger! 

So, let me tell you what else he is and if you do not agree with this, that is your privilege. 

And here is why. Trump is a guy who DEMANDS performance and more importantly, he demands RESULTS!!

Because in the private sector one spends your entire life where you produce or get fired!

Trump's a guy who asks a lot of questions. And the questions he asks are not wrapped in fancy "political" phrases; are "Why the heck--------?” questions.

For decades, the healthcare industry has thrown away billions of face masks after one use. Then Trump asks, “Why are we throwing them out? Why not sterilize them and use them many times? “(Good question.)

Trump's the guy who sets up hospital ships in a week when a bureaucrat would have taken weeks or months or never to get it done.

He is the guy who gets temporary hospitals built in three days.

He is the guy who gets the auto industries to restructure to build fans in a business that is highly regulated by agencies that move lazily.

Trump's the guy who asks “Why don't we use drugs that might work on dying people? What the hell do we have to lose?” (Another good question).

He is the guy who restricted travel from China when Democrats and liberal media and Joe Biden were yelling "xenophobia and racism."

Now, these socialist, liberal democrats and their leader Joe Biden want to know why he did not react earlier? What hypocrites they truly are!

When Trump closed the borders in the early days of the Coronavirus, Democrats screamed even LOUDER. Then the rest of the world, including the European Union, quickly restricted travel between its own member countries.

Trump's the guy who campaigned to secure the border, protecting America, in the face of screaming Democrats and the liberal media.

And these SAME leaders of the Democratic Party (the Clintons, Chucky Schumer, Harry Reed, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and others ALL were in FAVOR of building the wall 'UNTIL' Trump had the strength to actually do it! 

Now they say: "Oh, he said Mexico was going to pay for it." Does that sound like you in any way?

Well, let me clear this up for you quickly. Have you compared the old EXTREMELY one-sided NAFTA deal (negotiated by none other than Jimmy 'Peanuts' Carter) to the NEW USMCA deal? Well yeah, and let me tell you this: Mexico will now end up paying a lot MORE for your assets than you will for theirs and why might that be you ask? 

Because they depend much more on the United States than you do on them. Yes, it will take time, but the bottom line is they will end up paying for the wall just like Trump said all along!

It is true that for Canadians, this new T-MEC is certainly not as beneficial as NAFTA was for both Canada and Mexico. Previously, Canadian farmers had a huge monopoly on their farmers, but "fair is fair."

Has Trump made mistakes? Of course. You cannot blame a person for being a human being. Only ONE perfect man walked this earth 2000 years ago, Jesus!

Everyone I know has made mistakes and continues to make and LEARN from them. Trump is and has accomplished more than any president of the United States in my life and I am 70-plus years old.

Trump is dedicated to doing the job for Americans between 18 and 20 hours a day. He is not hiding in his office. He is upfront, reporting to ALL Americans almost every day.

Yet, according to the Democrats and liberal media, when you offer hope, you are lying, and when you are direct, you should be hopeful. It is a no-win situation for him every day with haters and naysayers, but Trump's NOT deterred!

I will take THIS kind of leadership 6 days a week and TWICE Sunday over a "polite and refined" politician who has rarely or never had a real job in the private sector in his adult life, read prepared and "written by a speechwriter ”speeches from a teleprompter and ONLY answers pre-written questions selected for him/her before the open forum.

I am completely puzzled as to why this man (Trump) has been bombarded by the media and the liberal electorate EVERY day since he announced his candidacy for the US presidency in 2015.

And whether you want to believe it or not, Americans, let me tell you one more thing if you REALLY believe that Hillary would have accomplished even a fraction of the things for the betterment of the American public that POTUS Trump has, you've really got your head in the sand.

In my humble opinion (#IMHOPEOPLE) ALL Americans can only wish that President Trump for America's and their own personal sake, truly and honestly, better hope that Trump gets re-elected this November!




Ernie Meggisen CDN

Thank You!

“Real median household income—the amount earned by those in the very middle—hit $65,084 (in 2019 dollars) for the 12 months ending in July. That’s the highest level ever and a gain of $4,144, or 6.8% since Mr. Trump took office. By comparison, during 7½ years under President Obama—starting from the end of the recession in June 2009 through January 2017—the median household income rose by only about $1,000.”


Trump’s Presidential Administration Accomplishments So Far! The list Prior to the Chinese Covid-19 Release around the Globe by the Chinese Communist Party


Monday, October 5, 2020

More People Survive Corona-Virus than Cancer


Why has the media not been upfront, factual and honest with the American public and voters about the 97.18% SURVIVAL rate of Americans who beat the Chinese COVID 19 virus and the Worldwide SURVIVAL rate is 97.05%

And yet the survival rate in the USA for Childhood Leukemia Cancer is at 87.7% and the female Breast Cancer survival rate is 88.6% throughout the USA currently both of which are far worse than that of this Chinese Covid19 virus.

An estimated 9.5 million people died of cancer worldwide. That's about 26,000 people each day and 1 out of every 6 deaths. About 600,000 cancer deaths happen in the U.S. each year

It's time for America and the world to get its act together and get back to work and stop being afraid of fear and stop listening to the doom and gloom and disinformation being spun by the mainstream media #IMHOPEOPLE

Proof home-based treatment trumps the failed Fauci model

What are the lessons learned from scientific research?

Lesson 1: COVID-19 is not the death sentence we had at first thought. For healthy 74-year-olds who do not smoke tobacco, don’t drink alcohol and have no serious medical conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, kidney disease, or morbid obesity, recovery rate is better than 95%.

Lesson 2: Early treatment at first sign of symptoms is critical. Thousands of front-line physicians in the U.S. and around the world have been saying this from the beginning. Early treatment is the principle that guides almost all medical practice – from heart disease to diabetes to cancer. In viral diseases, early treatment is critical. Patients need antiviral medicines, vitamins, minerals, known immune boosters, fresh air and sunshine.

Studies confirm early treatment for COVID-19. In more than 130 studies compiled at c19study.com, the early-treatment studies using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) showed a favorable effect of HCQ with other antivirals, with a median improvement of 64%. We accept 30-40 percent as a “success” with flu vaccine. Why wouldn’t 64% improvement with antiviral medicines be considered a huge success? Even the majority of late treatment studies in very sick hospitalized patients showed around 25% improvement with HCQ.

Lesson 3: Doctors have now learned what medicines work and when to use them. Many physicians across America – myself included – are using a combination approach to early treatment for COVID, keeping patients at home for treatment with family and loved ones around them helping to implement the physicians’ recommendations.

A peer-reviewed algorithm by lead author Baylor cardiologist Peter McCullough, M.D., and colleagues from major US and Italian medical centers shows the widely available, safe medicines targeted for each stage of COVID-19 illness. Doctors already use these generic medicines day in and day out for many conditions. They now show impressive success with COVID-19.

Dr. McCullough’s team of experts recommend cheap, safe, FDA-approved medicines – HCQ with azithromycin or doxycycline, possibly ivermectin or colchicine, inhaled budesonide or the more potent oral prednisone, anticoagulants, supplemental zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D, and home oxygen concentrators.

With the possible exception of mechanical ventilation, almost all the treatment modalities treatment used in hospitals can be implemented at home – faster, better tailored to the individual, at lower risk of other infections common in hospitals and at dramatically lower cost.

Lesson 4: LATE stage treatment of COVID carries a high risk of ICU admission, mechanical ventilation and death. The failed Fauci model –telling patients to go home, self-quarantine, do nothing and go to the ER if they get sicker – exacerbated by the FDA’s statements discouraging HCQ use, has caused the U.S. COVID death rate to be in the world’s top 10.

Lesson 5: Widespread use of home therapy could prevent thousands of deaths and hospitalizations. The pathophysiological rationale and protocol published in the prestigious American Journal of Medicine gives much needed hope for physicians and patients around the world. Dr. McCullough is not just theorizing. He is actually treating COVID patients who remain in their own homes.



Thursday, October 1, 2020

"Forward" was Obamas Fascist Socialist Adventure for America

Obama, as a former President and US Democratic Presidential Candidate plagiarized the slogan FORWARD from the Italian Socialist Party's newspaper's name Avanti, and interestingly enough became one of Barack Obama's campaign socialist slogans.

Obama, like Mussolini, who had actually been the chief editor of the Italian Socialist Party’s newspaper Avanti had always been a socialist. And like Mussolini Obama is among a group of dissident leftists who wanted to “make the world safe for socialism.”

Today, for American voters one of the first questions is " what are actual fascist beliefs?" and not whether fascism is left or right which is a distraction. 

As the dictator, Mussolini described fascism, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” 

Does this sound more like American traditionalists, with their focus on small government, or the Democrats, who seek to unconstitutionally centralize and aggregate ever more power? Democrats or Republicans?

Mussolini also once said, “I declare that henceforth capital and labour shall have equal rights and duties as brothers in the fascist family.”

Is this reminiscent of American conservatives and their emphasis on economic freedom or the class warfare and regulatory tyranny of our left Democratic Party?

The sad reality is that neo-fascism is in fashion today, but not because of Trump. Rather, by growing government, (the swamp) empowering it to regulate most everything and allowing “crony capitalism,” we get ever closer to Mussolini’s ideal, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” 

Read very carefully the Joe Bidens Democratic Party 2020 Platform and you have just that, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”

Further Democrat icon Franklin Roosevelt’s 1933 book Looking Forward, stated, “Reminiscent of Fascism is the principle that the state no longer leaves the economy to its own devices… Without question, the mood accompanying this [New Deal] sea change resembles that of Fascism.”

The late leftist activist and politician Tom Hayden during a radio appearance on “The Chip Wood Show” years ago, Hayden was accused by a caller of being a “communist agitator.”

The host defended him, saying that Hayden had no problem with business remaining in private hands as long as the government guaranteed things were done “fairly.” Hayden agreed, providing several examples of how the state must ensure goods and services are distributed equitably.

Wood linked their conversation’s outcome in 2010. He told Hayden, “‘What you’ve described isn’t communism or socialism. …Isn’t the system you want—where ownership remains in private hands, but its use is controlled by the government—actually a form of fascism?’”

“There was a stunned silence as I continued, ‘In fact, Tom, isn’t it fair to say that the economic system you want to impose on us in the United States is actually classical fascism, as practiced in Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy?’”

Hayden’s response? “Click.” He’d hung up the phone. And that’s what happens when you’re hung up on an ideology that may not be quite as “liberal” as you’d like to fancy.

Like today's Joe Biden who calls himself the Democratic Party by telling the President of the USA on a nationally televised debate to "shut up," to "keep yapping" and further called President Trump a "clown". 

That is Joe Biden's Socialist Democratic Party's answer for the country and their 2020 interpretation of Michelle Obama's political strategy of "When they go low, we go higher.

Source: https://observer.com/2017/05/what-is-neo-fascism-democrats-mussolini/