Monday, October 31, 2011

Why is it that Pedal Protest Groups Always Push Freedom of Cycling While Ignoring Highway Traffic Act and Helmet Safety Issues?

If we are honestly and truly interested in the safety and health policy issues for bike riders and the peddling commercial activities along city streets, then hopefully a majority of law abiding and safety conscious citizen’s would agree with me, that if we are to continue to the idea of biking activities on city streets, we must greatly improve the safety of cycling by the mandatory wearing of a bike helmet at all times.
To date it is fair to say that the most successful and important steps used and effective in traffic safety are based on restrictions to the freedom of car driving through regulations and enforcement such as, speeding, highway speed limits, traffic restrictions within the city core, signalized crossings, penalties for DUI and rightfully so, intersection camera stop enforcements and the obligatory use of seat belts for car drivers but NOT as yet for bike riders and or bike couriers daily cycling on city streets!
As far too often we witness bike riders illegally evoking the rights of pedestrians by dangerously peddling on city sidewalks and then darting across or through intersections and skirting red lights and stop signs because of cyclist’s complete disregard for the rules of the road.
Unfortunately, it appears that they are of the opinion that the rules and regulations under the Highway Traffic Act do not apply to them and when accidents do happen it is automatically the fault of drivers, pedestrians or others because as peddlers and not polluters they miraculously believe that they are above the laws of society.
And because, unfortunately to date, the policies adopted by city politicians and traffic services for improving the safety of cycling has been preceded and driven the policy and argument by the special interest groups of cyclist activists solely for their unlicensed freedom of cycling and not safety.
So what is the answer to curb such abuse of our traffic laws by cyclists and bike riders who continually ignore the laws when occupying city streets and sidewalks and at the same time make our city more cycle friendly?
There are hundreds of thousands of Torontonians, made up of cyclists and car drivers who want that bicycling commuters, pedestrians and motorists to safely coexist on Toronto streets.
The primary goal and answer, by our City council   and Transit Services Committee, to promote acceptable and friendly city street bike use must NOT be one of simply adding bike lanes throughout city streets in a political attempt to appease special interest protest groups of either car drivers or cyclists.
Might I foolishly suggest and recommend to all councillors and career politicians that now is the time for making your intentions clear by introducing and passing a city bike license, registration and insurance requirement program   which includes the mandatory wearing of a bike helmet when cycling or riding city streets before it is too late and there is another fatal accident or head injuries to citizens or tourists of our bike friendly Toronto.

Warmest regards,

Peter Clarke

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Question’s Remain, Libya’s Civil War was for Who?

The question remains, Libya’s civil war, not a revolution from the very beginning, was for whom and for what purposes?

What is for Sharia law or the reintroduction of a monarchy that NATO interfered and supported one side in Libya’s civil war?

Was the creation of the unelected Libya’s National Transition Council a trade off for Libyan oil for Italy, France, the EU and other countries?

The facts of history past, lest we forget, should always be compared to events of the present.

For me, it seems that the history of installing or appointing selected individuals to represent the interests of others in the name of the Libyan people just keeps on repeating itself.

Let’s remember that back in 1951 the USA and Britain, in Benghazi, installed the exiled Libyan monarchy of Idris. The appointment of this monarchy as then stated, was of course, to represent the Libyan people.

However, more importantly, at the same time this monarchy installed by western powers would be the overseers in the Kingdom of Libya and North Africa to protect the economic and military interests of these western governments.

Then 18 years later in 1969, Libya with the lowest standards of living in the world, thanks to that installed monarchy for the benefit of the Libyan people by western powers, was itself overthrown in a bloodless revolution led by a Libyan Muammar al Gaddafi.

After this bloodless 1969 internal military coup in Libya led by Gaddafi, the western oil companies shortly thereafter were nationalized by the Libyan regime.

As a result, one of the first military and economic causalities in Libya was the dismantling of the American Wheelus airbase in the kingdom of Libya along with the evacuation of all British and American forces stationed in that previous kingdom.

Libya’s was a civil war and not at all like the mob uprising in Egypt which was supported and urged on by international union organizations, various foreign and domestic rights groups, Muslim special interest groups including the original Jihad from inside and outside of Egypt, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, the free Palestine movement from the west bank and Gaza to mention but a few.
We must remember that in 2011, Libya was exporting 80% of its Oil to Italy (32%), Germany (14%), France (10%), USA (5%) and China (10%) and is Africa’s largest exporter of oil with approximately 1.7 million tons a day.

Considering the history, and under the camouflage of civil war, it seems it was now payback time for the Gaddafi regime and Libya by western powers using NATO early in 2011 thanks to the commencement of a civil war which could be externally managed under the further guise of a revolution.

On March 11, 2011, France was the first to recognize the rebel council in Benghazi fighting to oust Muammar Gaddafi from power in Libya’s civil war.

Therefore, is France one of the puppet masters of the NTC?
Just prior to this in February 27, 2011, and once again in Benghazi, the NTC was formed around the axis of two men, Mahmoud Jibril and Abdel Jalil’s, modern day equivalents to Marcus Julius Brutus.

Thus, the NTC was and remains a group of self appointed individuals acting as a government, propped up by western powers, without having been legally or officially established by the Libyan people.

In reality then the NTC serves as a function for western powers and the people of Libya without having been legally established officially by a majority of the Libyan people but rather installed by western powers using the military might of NATO, 70% controlled by the USA, for the protection of what and for whose purpose?

As previously pointed out, on March 11, 2011 with the internal civil war of Libya still raging on Libya announced it had suspended diplomatic relations with France after French President Nicolas Sarkozy recognized the rebel council in Benghazi fighting to oust Muammar Gaddafi from power?

One of the self appointed opposition envoy’s Ali al-Issawi, meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, proudly announced that "France has recognized the national transition council as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people."?

This same NTC member endorsed by France further stated that "On the basis of this recognition, we are going to open a diplomatic mission, that is our own embassy in Paris, and an ambassador from France will be sent to Benghazi," a key city held by revolutionaries, he added.

France was the first to recognize the rebel council in Benghazi fighting to oust Muammar Gaddafi from power in Libya’s civil war. The question then persists, is France one of the puppet masters of the NTC and or the mastermind in getting NATO’s involvement?

The Gaddafi regime upon hearing this news, while the civil war was getting under way, stated that "A country like France cannot be stupid enough to recognize such people who only represent themselves," the official said.

Further a foreign ministry official within the then legal Gaddafi government stated that they would "consider severing ties with France after information about the dangerous intervention in Libyan affairs," as quoted previously by Jana in March 2011.

"Today the decision has been taken to suspend diplomatic relations with France," Libya's Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim said. "It's clear the French government is concentrating on dividing Libya."

President Barack Obama stated on March 11 that the US and its allies are slowly 'tightening the noose' on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and that a no-fly zone remains an option to put pressure on him.

The White House called the council "legitimate and credible", but stopped short of granting full diplomatic recognition to the opposition.

"During the meeting, Mr. Donilon stated that the United States views the NTC, as a legitimate and credible interlocutor of the Libyan people," the White House said in a statement, released after the meeting.

Let us all keep in mind that it was only on February 27, 2011 and in Benghazi, that this entity under the name of the NTC was formed around the axis of two men, Mahmoud Jibril  and Abdel Jalil’s, modern day equivalents to Marcus Julius Brutus?     

In May 14, 2011, it was only France, Italy and Qatar who had officially recognized the NTC as Libya’s legitimate unelected government and at the same time was also taking part with NATO with air strikes on strategic Libyan government sites as an effort to protect the civilian population and oust the Libyan leader Muammar Al Gaddafi?

Today the world wakes up the knowledge that the NTC is the axis of and based on a Muslim modern day equivalent to Marcus Julius Brutus.

Their leaders and a majority of the NTC members as we all now know describe themselves as secular people and this greatly concerns me and hopefully raises further red flags to the entire civilized world or what is left of it?

History and the facts are that this so-called “secularism” has been responsible for and accomplished more evil in the 20th century as evidenced by the underlying secular regimes of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Mao than religion itself.

Perhaps it is time that every member state within the UN along with the self appointed NTC members, NATO and all western powers who directly got involved in the civil war within the sovereign state of Libya should be held liable and accountable.

Such accountability to be conducted by a free and truly independent international criminal and civil court of law  proceedings for any and all atrocities, killings, tortures, bombings and collateral damages as a result of these bodies and governments direct interference and involvement from having taken one side of the Libyans people in its sovereign state of civil war.

Might is never right and does not represent freedom, liberty or democracy when formed by a de facto entity like the National Transition Council for the Libyan people or by a foreign government’s inference with another sovereign state?  

$$ Dollars $$ spent by western powers interfering with Libya’s civil war through NATO.
United State $1,100 billion USD, Canada $50 million USD, United Kingdom $1,500 Billion, USD France $450 million USD Sweden $50 million USD?

7. Nothing contained in the present Charter
shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in
matters which are essentially within the domestic
jurisdiction of any state or shall require the Membersto submit such matters to settlement under
the present Charter; but this principle shall not
prejudice the application of enforcement measures

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who are the Puppet Masters Now in Control of Libya"s Resources?

Who installed these individuals as the interim puppet National Transitional Council and leader Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, for the Libyan people?
Who is his and their puppet master?
What does France, Italy, Germany, England and the USA hope to achieve by replacing the former regime of Libya with this neoliberal totalitarian oriented administration that has ties to the previous Libyan Idris monarchy, which itself was overthrown by a bloodless revolution?
Facts are that Libya exports 80% of its Oil and is North Africa’s largest exporter of oil of approximately 1.7 million tons a day to Italy (32%), Germany (14%), France (10%), USA (5%) and China (10%).
Before Gaddafi was overthrown through regime change orchestrated by western governments he had been preparing to launch a gold dinar for oil trade with all of Africa’s 200 million people and other interested countries. At the time then French President Nickola Sarkozi called this, “a threat for financial security of mankind”, most likely because much of France’s wealth more than any other colonial-imperialist power comes from exploiting Africa.
These rebels, revolutionaries, the puppet National Transitional Council (NTC) leader and interim government prime minister Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, must all be held accountable for implementing their NATO backed regime  of condoning lawlessness mob rule of embracing the barbaric killing of the nation’s leader similar to the regime it now replaces and without any form of legal proceeding or trial or proof of guilt.  
They all have blood on their hands which was not the case of the 1969 overthrow of the then pro western Idris monarchy which at the time officially had the world’s lowest standards of living, which is not the case in 2011.
Now a Revolution with the blood of atrocities on its very own hands similar to those stated but remain unproven in an international court of law legal proceeding, they accused the regime that they replaced.
Gaddafi the dictator coward was on the run from justice and so he would not have to answer for such accusations by his accusers in by a democratic judicial international legal proceeding.
In the end his was caught, bloodied, wounded and arrested by Muslim rebel extremists revolutionaries, under the direction and control of the puppet interim NTC,  who summarily executed this sovereign leader by murdering him without any due process of law.
Thanks to internationally western governments who continue to overlook and condon such criminal, barbaric, lawless mob rule, Libyans with such outside internationally assistance have now ushered in the Muslim style continuation of a French revolution and an agenda for Libya of subjugating the Libyan people to barbarism and not democracy or freedom in the years ahead.

Update Oct. 24/11

Friday, October 14, 2011

Understanding the Complexity and Fraud in Modern Financial Systems

Politicians, voters, and the public often lack knowledge about complex business practices and fraudulent investments like Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) and mortgage-backed securities. This ignorance persists without public education.

Taxpayer dollars are misused in a political game of picking corporate winners and losers, leading to risky financial behaviours like collateralized debt obligations and credit default swaps. These won't be fully exposed until voters understand their implications.

Mortgage-backed securities are questionable assets created through bureaucratic oversight and political interference, benefiting financial institutions, lawyers, and politicians. The principle of "buyer beware" has eroded as asset values are influenced more by political clout than market forces, contributing to financial crises and government bailouts.

Housing policies from the early 1990s aimed to expand homeownership, even for those financially unfit, resulting in the creation of GSE Debt Securities. Politicians campaigned on homeownership for all, mirrored in Canada by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), which lacks transparency about its mortgage portfolio's stability.

Global economics now overshadow political ideologies and laws. Those who understand these complexities control politics and power, as seen in mergers and financial bailouts.

A once-niche stock trade known as dispersion has become a major Wall Street strategy. Dispersion involves profiting from volatility differences between an index like the S&P 500 and its individual stocks. Its popularity has grown post-pandemic due to rising interest rates. However, its success might be its downfall as increasing participation reduces profitability.

Dispersion trading is seen as cheaper portfolio insurance, benefiting from individual stock volatility while keeping the index steady. Despite its complexity, it remains attractive but challenging due to rising entry costs.

To prevent future crises, the public must educate themselves about these financial practices and demand transparency and accountability from institutions and policymakers.

The fraudulent scams investments like GSE or mortgage-backed securities and others shall not come to an end until we the public educate ourselves.

The transparent insanity and outright gambling with our taxpayer dollars, in a political roulette-like game attempt to pick corporate winners and losers within the free market system of capitalism, by unelected bureaucrats and politicians alike, by using tax dollars in Ponzi schemes for global bubble economics shall not fully be exposed until voters realize what are the implications of collateralized debt obligations, securitization and credit defaults swaps etc. 

For example, a mortgage-backed security is a questionable asset-backed security supposedly secured by a collection of other questionable assets. And are the results of bureaucratic oversight and dizzy left-wing meddling in nutty radical politics which in my opinion allowed a legal confidence game to enrich opportunistic financial institutions, lawyers, and politicians alike.

These mortgages first must originate, of course, from a regulated financial institution and they then must be grouped into ratings as established by credit rating agencies, that are accredited of course, who then charge a fee to these same financial institutions for giving a worthy rating, so the investments were then in the position to be legally sold to suckers born daily.

Whatever became of the buyer beware clause in the free market system?

Because these bundled or grouped assets were not at all determined by the free marketplace. They were however first procured by unelected bureaucrats and politicians.

The values and price of these assets of course were decided by the amount of political influence of special interest groups, be they corporations, unions, or investment banks, and not by what investors were willing to pay. 

This was a large part of the downfall of the US and the world economy which resulted in the bail-out process by governments who supposedly regulated all these organizations in the first place.

However, another catch and the problem were that from the early 1990’s a political government policy was politically pushed through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Because elected politicians were being pushed by special interest groups within their constituencies and political parties to support socialized housing policies based on low mortgage rates.

Thus, the unelected bureaucrats at HUD desperately needed a way to expand homeownership, for citizens especially the Constituents of elected politicians, and even to such citizens who were not in the financial position to carry the cost of such ownership in the first place and which can be referred to as political expediency for votes.

To achieve these political vote-getting schemes, unelected bureaucrats were pressured by politicians and special interest groups to disregard lending and accounting principles that had previously governed the U.S. mortgage market of financial institutions.

So bureaucrats came up with a political plan to provide funding to specific types of citizens having poor credit or insufficient income groups who of course would not qualify for conventional mortgage loans.

The U.S. Congress of course approved this idea of a marketable bond for financial institutions called Government Sponsored Enterprises or GSE Debt Securities.

You see as a government-sponsored entity these GSEs were able to attract lenders that offer lower rates because of the implied government guarantee rather than a real guarantee.

As such lenders were willing to lower the finance charges and interest rates to these risky and poor credit citizens, but investors are also able to yield higher returns as a result of this implied guarantee.

Now the politicians could campaign on their political social ideology that every American has the right to own a house even though they could not afford one in the first place.

A political policy similar in a way to that of CMHC, our Canadian Crown Corporation and largest mortgage insurer, is used by our politicians, as the driving force in the housing market throughout Canada with political policies that have inflated our own housing economic bubble.

To my knowledge as of this date Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has not been transparent to either the government or taxpayers about the stability of its portfolio and just what percent of its portfolio represents a risk because of low or poor credit and arrears in payments?

Some have suggested it could be as high as 65% or as low as 45% but our government, like Fanny and Freddie in the U.S., and until it was too late, our government as yet has not forced CHMC to come clean and reveal this information to Canadians, even though thanks our government taxpayers are on the hook for any and all defaults in the mortgage portfolios held by CMHC and guaranteed by Canadians. 

It is my personal and strong belief that now and in the immediate future global politics and policies are no longer about political ideologies or a country’s constitution and laws but rather about the complexity of global economics based on complex laws and complex business financial practices.

Therefore, those individuals, corporations, special interest groups and unions that currently have or with the willpower to recognize, understand and master these complexities shall be the ones who ultimately control and direct politics and the power that goes with it as we have already witnessed with mergers, the non-bankruptcies of GM, Chrysler, bank bailouts and TARP to mention only a few.

Update Oct.24/11
The top 20 of the 147 super-connected companies.

1. Barclays plc
2. Capital Group Companies Inc
3. FMR Corporation
4. AXA
State Street Corporation
6. JP Morgan Chase & Co
7. Legal & General Group plc
8. Vanguard Group Inc
Merrill Lynch & amp; Co Inc
11. Wellington Management Co LLP
12. Deutsche Bank AG
Franklin Resources Inc
14. Credit Suisse Group
15. Walton Enterprises LLC (holding company for Wal-Mart heirs)
16. Bank of New York
Mellon Corp
17. Natixis
Goldman Sachs Group Inc
T Rowe Price Group Inc
Legg Mason Inc

Source Forbes

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Interest Rate Swap
What Does Interest Rate Swap Mean?
An agreement between two parties (known as counterparties) where one stream of future interest payments is exchanged for another based on a specified principal amount. Interest rate swaps often exchange a fixed payment for a floating payment that is linked to an interest rate (most often the LIBOR). A company will typically use interest rate swaps to limit or manage exposure to fluctuations in interest rates, or to obtain a marginally lower interest rate than it would have been able to get without the swap.
Investopedia explains Interest Rate Swap
Interest rate swaps are simply the exchange of one set of cash flows (based on interest rate specifications) for another. Because they trade OTC, they are really just contracts set up between two or more parties and thus can be customized in any number of ways.

Generally speaking, swaps are sought by firms that desire a type of interest rate structure that another firm can provide less expensively. For example, let's say Cory's Tequila Company (CTC) is seeking to loan funds at a fixed interest rate, but Tom's Sports Inc. (TSI) has access to marginally cheaper fixed-rate funds. Tom's Sports can issue debt to investors at its low fixed rate and then trade the fixed-rate cash flow obligations to CTC for floating-rate obligations issued by TSI. Even though TSI may have a higher floating rate than CTC, by swapping the interest structures they are best able to obtain, their combined costs are decreased - a benefit that can be shared by both parties.

Introduction to Securitization
"When you measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind . . . ." William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, Popular Lectures and Addresses (1891--1894).
(i) The Nature of Securitization
Most attempts to define securitization make the same mistake; they focus on the process of securitization instead of on the substance, or meaning, of securitization. Hence, the most common definition of securitization is that it consists of the pooling of assets and the issuance of securities to finance the carrying of the pooled assets. Yet, surely, this reveals no more about securitization than seeing one's image reflected in a mirror reveals about one's inner character. In Lord Kelvin's terms, it is knowledge of "a meager and unsatisfactory kind."

Collateralized Debt Obligation - CDO

What Does Collateralized Debt Obligation - CDO Mean?
An investment-grade security backed by a pool of bonds, loans and other assets. CDOs do not specialize in one type of debt but are often non-mortgage loans or bonds.  
Investopedia explains Collateralized Debt Obligation - CDO
Similar in structure to a collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) or collateralized bond obligation (CBO), CDOs are unique in that they represent different types of debt and credit risk. In the case of CDOs, these different types of debt are often referred to as 'tranches' or 'slices'. Each slice has a different maturity and risk associated with it. The higher the risk, the more the CDO pays
Definition: CDO's, or Collateralized Debt Obligations, are sophisticated financial tools that repackage individual loans into a product that can be sold on the secondary market. These packages consist of auto loans, credit card debt, or corporate debt. They are called collateralized because they have some type of collateral behind them.

Credit Default Swap (CDS)

What Does Credit Default Swap (CDS) Mean?
A swap is designed to transfer the credit exposure of fixed-income products between parties.

Investopedia explains Credit Default Swap (CDS)
The buyer of a credit swap receives credit protection, whereas the seller of the swap guarantees the creditworthiness of the product. By doing this, the risk of default is transferred from the holder of the fixed-income security to the seller of the swap.

For example, the buyer of a credit swap will be entitled to the par value of the bond by the seller of the swap, should the bond default in its coupon payments.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Illusion of Utopia: A Critical Look at Progressive Ideals and Economic Realities

Summary of Key Points:

  1. Individual vs. Collective Happiness:

    • Happiness is an individual pursuit, not a collective right. Everyone’s dreams and goals are different, so a one-size-fits-all approach does not work.
    • Some progressives believe the government should control and fund child care and daycare, while others argue it’s the parent's responsibility, not the state's.
  2. Parental Responsibility:

    • The responsibility of raising, feeding, and clothing children lies with those who decide to conceive or adopt, not the government.
    • Government welfare programs often create ghettos and foster dependency rather than solving the underlying issues.
  3. Economic Realities:

    • In both the US and Canada, a small percentage of the population pays the majority of taxes, while many pay little or none.
    • A fair tax system should ensure that all citizens contribute, avoiding an undue burden on a few.
  4. Greed and Corruption:

    • Greed is not limited to Wall Street; it is also found among union leaders, politicians, and various interest groups.
    • Excessive regulations and demands drive businesses to seek cheaper labour and less restrictive environments abroad.
  5. Historical Lessons:

    • Revolutions, like those in France, Russia, and China, often lead to more oppression and loss of freedoms than the regimes they replaced.
    • Modern political and union leaders often prioritize their personal success over the welfare of those they represent.

Many left-leaning academics, like Chris Hedges, criticize the free market system and capitalism, arguing that they lack proper competition and reasonable rules. However, their alternatives often hinge on utopian visions of wealth distribution and spiritual enlightenment, which do not translate into practical policies.

Democracy and freedom thrive on responsible governance and individual accountability, not unrealistic utopian ideals or class warfare. Ensuring economic and social stability requires balancing individual freedom with fair contributions from all citizens, rather than relying on expansive government control and entitlements.

Academia like Hedges are left-wing ideologists and hold the belief, that democracy of the free market system and capitalism is dysfunctional and has no proper competition with reasonable rules, but what are his alternative suggestions for proper completion and reasonable rules that are required under his ideals and theories of spiritual enlightenment for a Utopian collective community based on wealth distribution?

On a pragmatic and philosophical ground, the important point is that the pursuit of happiness is on an individual basis, not a collective right, as my dreams are different from yours and someone else’s is completely different from both of ours.
For example, the political holy grail of progressive socialized liberalism and some feminists is that the government should control and taxpayers should fund child care and daycare. Others hold the opinion that it is not the children who require liberating from the family but perhaps the mother should be liberated from the child.
It is not only the fathers who are supposed to guide their youth but the mothers, fathers and grandparents of their own offspring who are directly responsible for the youth of today.

The responsibility for sheltering, raising, feeding and clothing is the direct responsibility of those who decide to conceive or adopt a child.  
Government-run handout programs and mass social herding formulas for housing, rent, child care and unsustainable subsidies or socialism/communism is not the answer as history has shown.
It is however a worldwide failure and has done nothing other than create ghettos of segregated warehouses of poor people living in misery.

For myself, I believe that any fair-minded individual would not dispute the political reality that today the core agenda of domestic social liberalism relates to the support for a welfare state, abortion and the racial identity politics of multiculturalism-based redistribution of wealth through class warfare.

An unmanageable national debt aggravated by spending and borrowing for unsustainable entitlements and handouts has both caused and exacerbated the burden of an inequitable system of taxation whereby 10% of the US population pays 80% of all taxes and 43% of Americans account for 20% of paid federal taxes while 47% of the US population pay NO federal taxes?
Thus the so-called wealthy in the US already pay the brunt of taxes while 47% pay no taxes. In Canada, 33.4% of citizens pay less than $2 in federal taxes. Therefore 66.6% of Canadians are subsidizing 33.4% of the population.

A fair share, in Canada and the US, should mean that all citizens pay an equal amount of taxes as opposed to paying NO federal taxes at all.
Any mischief, based on an excessive desire to acquire and possess more than what one needs or even deserves especially concerning material wealth, did not originate from nor is it limited to that of the Wall Street or Bay Street of the world.

It all began with the greed of Union leaders as well as their members be it teachers, hospital workers, police, bureaucrats etc. along with politicians and corporations and the shareholders of publicity traded companies.

Such firms and organizations also represent companies in the resource development sector for green energy solutions and other special interest groups publicly traded around the globe.

Because of our now excessive and numerous government regulations and attempts to micromanage the free enterprise system through government controls and outright nationalizations of industries or corporations combined with excess wage, benefit and pension demands by all guilty parties businesses go to China, India, South America and other countries around the world to find a less expensive workforce and less government.

Unfortunately, the leaders today, be they politicians or union leaders, seem far more concerned with raising political donations or union dues through new members for their own re-elections and play fast and furious with our money for their own personal success and prosperity at the expense of the those who actual pay taxes or union dues.

It is not only individuals like Hughes who feel they are entitled to receive handouts from others or the wealthy.
It’s politicians, academia, artists, academics, students, bureaucrats, corporations, unions, special interest groups, it is your neighbours and those that pay little or no federal income taxes all of whom fanatically believe they are entitled to their personal entitlements at other people's expense.
This is not freedom or democracy but a resurgence of progressive totalitarian socialized liberalism. If anything occupying pressure groups protesting against the Wall Streets or Bay Streets of the world or individual achievements and wealth without any pronounced alternatives suggest anarchy.  
Perhaps as most academics preach they wish for a return to Fascism, Maoism, Maoism, Communism or 21st-century totalitarian socialism?
History has documented for us all that unexpected power by revolutions throughout the world are prone to arrogance, disrespect, intrusive and short-lived freedoms for the people at the expense of law and order, liberties and freedoms.
For example the French Revolution, given the benefit of history, "it's difficult to understand why anyone doubts the fascist nature of that revolution. It was totalitarian, terrorist, nationalist, conspiratorial and populist.

And it produced the first modern dictators, Robespierre and Napoleon. The paranoid Jacobin mentality made the revolutionaries more savage and cruel than the king they replaced. Over fifty thousand people died in the terror of that revolution."

The Russian Revolution and its later day revolutionary leaders were responsible for the deaths of more than 40 MILLION people in the name of that revolution.
The Chinese Revolution under Mao saw over 65 MILLION people killed in the name of that revolution. The Cuban revolution saw close to 50 thousand kicked, tortured, and terrorized and thousands of political prisoners still remain in jail for daring to speak up against Castro and his brother.
Unfortunately, today’s elected career politicians and bureaucrats within this new world consist mostly of blame passers who never take responsibility or come to grips with their personal refusal to stand up and be held accountable.
Money left in the hands of taxpayers is far more productive than putting it in the hands of career politicians, special interest groups and unelected bureaucrats.
Democracy yes, but anarchy, class warfare and revolutions NO as they tend to destroy freedom and liberties not build them.