Thursday, April 16, 2015

Carding, itself, can be defined as a valued public safety reason.

In any day or age and especially in these times of worldwide terrorism, coupled with the disrespect for life, law, order and discipline, a civil society’s overall public safety through policing which involves the prevention and protection of all communities is not best served through a policy of speech precondition statement (you have the right to walk away) for interaction by the police with the public within Toronto is the wrong choice for overall public safety and policing on our streets or within our communities.

Toronto's former police chief Blair should be congratulated, not bullied and harassed by the media, for standing firm on behalf of the majority of law-abiding citizens against the demands of media activists and others who continually advocate against carding and other police policies that are valuable public safety measures used in protecting the public at large in these precarious times.

Watering down by strangling the public’s essential rights to public safety by restricting the policy of carding for all, through a policy of speech precondition interaction by police is wrong.

We all enjoy the right to remain silent after being arrested for a crime. In a civil and free society, it is also our civic duty to openly cooperate and respect a non-confrontational link between police officers doing their duty as members of the community to serve and protect us all.

No individual or group has the right to claim ownership of a city or community as Shawn Micallef of the Toronto Star would have you believe. Crimes of murder, theft, sexual assault, robbery, break and enter, stolen vehicles, drug charges etc are hourly reported throughout the city and communities. 

These daily occurrences of breaking laws by individuals regardless of their skin colour are red, white, blue, purple, black, green or yellow, necessitates the occasional arbitrary stops and sometimes intrusive questions of residents on our streets. And remains a very valid policy of public safety in protecting and serving citizens, residents and tourists within Toronto.

Toronto’s pressure group activists vow to go to court if THEIR reforms for police carding practices are not implemented by duly elected officials should be a clear indication to law-abiding citizens just who is attempting to be the puppet master of policing and public safety in our communities!

Watering down by dismissing the public’s essential rights to public safety with a policy of speech preconditioning interaction by police is wrong.