Friday, February 24, 2012

Dalton or His Minions with a $16 Billion Annual Operating Deficit are Not in a Position to Rebuke Any Other Politician or Taxpayer.

Back in October 2010 it was not the media but Torontonians, those who faithfully take the time to vote and pay taxes anyway, spoke for the then Mayor elect and by a margin of 4 to 1 by supporting his campaign platform for subways and electing him Mayor.

Most I am quite sure recognized the reality that the long term yet perhaps costly up front solution for the city's barbaric Hodge Podge centre of the road streetcar usage had to be replaced with the continued extension of an underground subway network similar to those in such world class cities as London, New York and Montreal.

Further the Province, run by a Dalton McGuinty and his own hand picked minions, who have run up a $16 Billion Dollar Yearly Deficit and have debts in excess of $251 Billion are Not in any position to Rebuke Mayor Ford or Toronto council.

Especially when the premier and his own peons cannot stop whining and continually are asking the federal government to bail them out as a government because of their political inability to do their job in terms of decision making or balancing their operating budgets.

Couple this fact with their own lack of prudent fiscal management on behalf of the taxpayers of the entire province the Ford's, the media and the public should be asking questions to the provincial government as to why they find it necessary to criticize or blame others without first looking into the mirror that is directly in front of them?

Until Queens Park, itself, shows some much needed fiscal responsibility the Premier or any member his government is NOT in a position to comment on the performance of any elected politician, Mayor or Reeve.

In October 2010 the voters across Toronto, by a margin of 4 to 1, supported the Mayoralty platform of Rob Ford and his vision for subways and NOT centre of the road streetcars re-marketed with the fancy name of LRTS. 

The management at the TTC over these past 3 decades unfortunately has been a disaster of dinosauric proportions. 

Perhaps it is time that this relic of a top heavy over bloated city corporation know as the TTC be taken over completely by the federal and provincial governments to ensure that a world class subway system is put in place for the entire GTHA under the control of Metrolinx or other non city entity. 

However Toronto taxpayers should keep in mind that it was the province under another provincial government that cancelled the Spadina Express-way and thus played a major critical role in the daily gridlock now experienced by over 70% of Toronto's driving commuters and the daily gridlock encountered by businesses in their attempts to deliver the commercial goods and services required for the economic survival of the city residents and businesses. 

Should we continue with such indecision's, by all levels of government, and not spend the money now and on an ongoing bases for subways as opposed to middle of the road streetcars through attempts at political backstabbing by the media and the left leaning socialists NDP members on city council Toronto shall remain known throughout the world as HOG TOWN.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stinz’s Political Mein Kampf for the SS of Toronto’s Gridlock, Traffic Jams, Congestion will Cost $2 Billion Plus Annually?

The political far left leaning ideologies of the main stream media has a new political hero with K.S. since her back stabbing introduction of a Toronto Transportation Congestion Plan embracing above ground, centre of the road, single street cars for Toronto’s major east west arterial city roadways.

Toronto is moving backwards not forwards with its continued war on cars while costing city taxpayers between $5 to $8 Billion annually because of traffic jams and traffic congestion.

TTC studies, as reported a few years back showed that street cars or LRT create gridlock in both directions along with traffic jams which of course cause pollution.

A majority of taxpayers and residents of Toronto already are aware of the facts that once subways are built they are by far much cheaper to maintain and no snow removal from tracks or overhead wiring are necessary.

Councils and perhaps that of the province in supporting the SS platform by endorsing the left leaning political Mein Kampf motion put forward by Steinz, encouraged by the TTC and main stream media, could conceivably add an additional $2 to $3 Billion cost in lost productivity, through far more traffic congestion, above ground arterial roadway construction, loss of business, as was the case with the St. Clair single street car line and most likely shall come in 100% over any TTC budget estimates.

All of which DO NOT represent world class forward thinking when it comes to using property taxpayer funds for investing in public transit or the enhance and encouragement of future economic strength for the city of Toronto and its residents.

Democracy thrives and succeeds only through the will of the voters and this political Mein Kampf transportation vision  offered up by councillor Karen Stinz, with the back door support of the TTC and as supported by council, must go before the voters to decide.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Times Toronto: Council Fingers Voters and Takes a Congested Futur...

Times Toronto: Council Fingers Voters and Takes a Congested Futur...: The voters and citizens of Toronto have been ignored and set aside thanks to the constant Ford bashing by the elite media. ...

Council Fingers Voters and Takes a Congested Future Transportation Step Backwards.

The voters and citizens of Toronto have been ignored and set aside thanks to the constant Ford bashing by the elite media. Voters are supreme not the wishes of Stinz, the media or the Mayor.

Thanks to this vote by councillors Toronto's already congested arterial roads of Eglinton, Finch and Sheppard shall remain clogged for the next 100 years with inefficient street cars running down the middle of these major city arterial roadways which shall further restrict the efficiency of the city's already overly congested and ineffective transportation system.

It was never about the will of council with their self centered views pushed to the extreme by the main stream media but rather the views and wishes of the electorate as recently expressed by a 4 to 1 margin for SUBWAYS in the 2010 city elections.

Monday, February 6, 2012

It’s the Voters Transit Plan by a 4 to 1 Margin in the Toronto Election of October 2010.

Toronto’s proposed Transit plans were all clearly out there as precious individual platforms by each Mayoralty candidate in the recent municipal elections held in 2010.

Joe Pantalone who clearly ran on the Miller Toronto City Transit Plan lost by close to 200,000 votes and Smitherman by over 100,000 votes.

Thus by a margin of 4 to 1 Toronto voters in the last municipal election voted for the transit vision put forward during that election by Ford and NOT the transit city plan as put forwarded for support by Joe Pantalone or George Smitherman.

Democracy through our democratic election process has spoken. It seems we now have councillors, not one of whom was elected by voters from across the city, attempting to overturn the election results in a sinister and perhaps even treasonous manner.

Stinz apparently with her dual Canadian and American citizen ship along with a public hissy fit and 24 councillors now are attempting to undemocratically overturn and bury the votes of Torontonians and the results of the 2010 election.

The voters spoke loud and clear and now some out of touch councillors think that they can unilaterally and without legal consequences override the results of that election.

23 Councillors 
and a Hissy Fit

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Times Toronto: City Bargaining Negations with Its Unions Finally ...

Times Toronto: City Bargaining Negations with Its Unions Finally ...: Strike votes, illegal wild cat walkouts and work to rule negating tactics have been used by unions as a provocative and threatening to...

City Bargaining Negations with Its Unions Finally Become a Two Sided Affair.

Strike votes, illegal wild cat walkouts and work to rule negating tactics have been used by unions as a provocative and threatening tool for the past 50 years.

However when the tables are turned and elected representatives of management finally starts to understand and start incorporating similar negotiating tools legally available to them these same unions cry bully tactics or bad faith bargaining.

Seems the union leaders might have completely forgotten that hard nosed bargaining is not a one sided coin.

Taxpayer funded public workers for decades through their unions have continually been allowed to impose hardships on citizens and residents of Ontario, Toronto and Canada with their unsustainable benefit, pension and wage demands on the backs of the average Canadians with an annual salary of a mere $44,366 compared to the annual average salary of $63,500 including benefits and pensions for city workers.  

How many Torontonians, other than those working for the city, are guaranteed a job for life after a mere  5 years of employment and coupled with the further guarantee of a continuing annual pay increase of 1.25% in 2012, 1.50% in 2013, 1.75% in 2013 and a 1.75% pay increase for 2014 before any performance reviews are made of your job performance?

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Toronto will now struggle to do more with less

The City of Toronto is Not a Profit-Fixated Cooperation, stated Peter Clarke. 

"For far to long now unions and left leaning councillors supported by the main stream media have completely forgotten that these city jobs that CUPE members count on are paid for by the taxpayers and residents of Toronto."

"Further services performed by union or non union workers are taxpayer funded services that both classes of workers rely on for their daily jobs. Asking for a job for life was a NO DEAL and FAR too MUCH for the average taxpayers of Toronto." Feb 6, 2012 8:44 AM

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

City’s integrity commissioner Plays Politics by using her Unelected Position and Thrusts Her Heals into Ford Politics.

One would think that after putting her foot in her mouth during the Mayoralty race in 2010 on behalf of  left leaning councillors against Ford for using city letterhead she would have leaned her lesson.


Unfortunately that has not been the case, as with an apology already been given, Janet Leipere the city's integrity commissioner is attempting once again to use the unelected position of the office to illegally insist on her wording or wording only acceptable to her for any apologies that are offered or uttered by the Ford brothers on council.  

The integrity commissioner states that “councillor Doug Ford has violated her code of conduct with "intimidating language," and even though councillor Ford has already apologized to this disgruntled x city employee it was not good enough for her?


In my humble opinion with an apology already given the integrity commissioner has No Right or Authority to Demand the Contents or Wording of Any councillors Apology even if his name happens to be Ford.

Sounds like an ongoing political set up to me especially  when this former city employee used such words like “accosted” in an “aggressive tone” but then finished by stating “He then nervously turned around and walked away.”

It is not up to this accuser or the integrity commissioner to dictate how any apology by either party should be worded, stated or written.

This x employee did not like and thus did not accept Fords apology and now the integrity commissioner is playing politics with her continued ruffling the councillors feathers by her own attempts to write an apology in her words and not the councillors.

Both the commissioner and the disgruntled x employee did not and do not want to accept the apology given as they obviously wish to continue playing politics for their own personal vendettas.

Many Torontonians are once again asking that the integrity commissioner, Janet Leiper, reveal why she continues to thrust herself into the ongoing political campaign against the Fords?