Sunday, November 18, 2012

Canada a Country of Law and Order or Insignificant Civil Laws, Bill C-43?

The editorial boards of various print media’s in Canada, who are not elected by the voters as a spokesperson for the community, hold the opinion that our Canadian laws are minor offences and trifle!

The Toronto Star, for example, is attempting to promote their editorial propaganda of not holding individual non-citizens of Canada, who reside in our land as guest under a permanent resident’s status, responsible for criminal activities.
There logic for the public good is that criminal actions of stealing other peoples property through shoplifting, common assault, dangerous driving that essential puts the lives of children, youth, the elderly and all law-abiding citizens at risk and causing public mischief, threatening damage to property or person are simply minor insignificant criminal offences that perhaps should not be on our law books?  

It’s bad enough that we have actual citizens breaking these laws let alone resident guest of this country!  
Mr. Ahmed Hussen, the head of the Canadian Somali Congress seems to agree with the Star’s position.
As he is concerned that Bill C-43 might work and thus “drastically increase the number of young immigrant male deportees without appeal,” because of such trifling offences.
For myself, I side with Alexis from the immigration ministry and agree as the vast number of Canadians would.
"It is easy for non-citizens to avoid deportation (without appeal privileges): do not commit crimes."
Finally, as citizens and not a guest of Canada we also should remember that newspapers and media outlets are commercial businesses with the imperative goal of increasing returns for their corporate and individual shareholders!
Editorial Boards are NOT elected representatives of the community and for the most part represent the ONE Per Cent of Society, in my humble opinion as a mere mortal.

Copy of Bill C-43