Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cyclists Breaking Canadian Income Tax Laws while Cycling their Talk?

The allowable amount for claiming a mileage business tax deduction for employees is 55¢ per kilometre NOT $1 a per kilometre.

Revenue Canada should take note of such questionable tax practices by these agencies and their very illegal focus on social responsibility.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In Politics one’s Daily Life Including Sexual Preferences of Politicians is the Right to know by every Potential Voter.

It matters to straight individuals and families as gay and lesbian activists for the most part just might be closet heterophobic members of society themselves.

Bullying, for example, is not limited to young gay kids or minorities as George Smitherman, the defeated candidate for Toronto Mayor and one of the liberal party's members of the cabinet responsible for the E-health scandal would like to lead voters to believe.

One’s individual family values and moral principles, including those of the liberal party’s recently elected lesbian leader is a sign of strength which superseding LGBT activists politics along with those of the mainstream media’s hysteria and muckraking journalists.

However, it would also be fair to state that Toronto’s mainstream liberal media like the Star and Globe have become overzealous, in their never-ending goal in attempting to force the ideals and beliefs of gays, lesbians and bisexual on all Torontonians, through their efforts to create a society that must conform to only one viewpoint. That being of the LGBT community!

When individuals do not conform to this bullying and rigid viewpoint of outright acceptance of the LGBT lifestyles, encouraged and supported by the media or special interest groups, there is a rush to judgment against such individuals and they are promptly wrongly labelled as being homophobic.  

Such hasty unfounded critical judgment made personally against others within the community of citizens is itself a direct form of bullying and a reverse method of discrimination.  

So let’s not have any more HETERO PHOBIA.

The majority of Canadian individuals all have relationships, families, friends, acquaintances and lives for the most part, reject or accept social trends and have that democratic right of freedom to choose without being intimidated, harassed or bullied to conform to a single point of view as proposed by heterophobic individuals.

If gay and lesbian individuals do not wish to be publicly identified as same then perhaps they themselves are closet HETEROPHOBIC people.

When special interest groups label heterosexual people as a homophobic individual   because of a belief and ideals of wanting to retain marriage between a man and a woman, then obviously a lesbian or gay person who holds the belief and ideas yet demands changing marriage laws around the world to permit same-sex marriage should be labelled a HETEROPHOBE.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Public Did Not Want Prorogation and the Opposition Played No part in the Liberal Parties Crowning of their Lesbian Leader.

First what the public deserves and demands is the
immediate return of democracy by the reopening of the legislature this week and not in a few weeks.

Secondly is an election so that all legally registered voters within the province have the democratic right and obligation to choose for themselves just who deserves to be referred to as the Premier of Ontario.

Thirdly no one political party, premier or prime minister should have the right to the prorogation of the legislature or house of commons for any contrived reason whatsoever. 

Like the previous war measures act prorogation must be eliminated as a provision available to any one political party in our Canadian democracy.

Fourthly an RCMP investigation followed by a judicial commission must be held into the cancelled gas plants, E-Health, Energy Plan, No-Bid Contracts, Non-Competitive or Sole Sourced and Closed Tendered Contracts both at the provincial level and city of Toronto. 

Taxpayers and voters do not just want the appearance of transparency and accountability they demand it as it is their money that is continually being wasted by these career politicians, bureaucrats and technocrats within all levels of governments.  

Something is drastically gone wrong with our democracy when a mere 2073 members of the liberal party some under the age of 15, many less than the age of majority and a few who are clearly heterophobic   individuals get to decide who shall be the anointed non elected premier of Ontario because of the liberal party and its previous leader's prorogation of the legislature for self-serving political reasons.

Finally, in my opinion as a mere mortal citizen and taxpayer, to clear the polluted political air that continues to surround the halls of democracy at Queens Park.

We the voters must stop the continuing old quasi corrupt political antics  that for far too long have dominated both the affairs of the legislature and the City of Toronto someone namely politicians and bureaucrats have to be equally held directly responsible, accountable and liable for present and past acts of Breach of Trust and Fraud on and within governments for the disregard of their elected or non elected fiduciary duties and mismanagement of public funds.            
Political honeymoons’ must become a thing of the past for democracy's sake.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Taxpayer Deserve a RCMP Investigation and Judicial Inquiry of All Approved No Bid Contracts, Non Competitive Sole Sourced or Closed Tendered Contracts.

In 2002 after the scandals’ around the city of Toronto and councils computer leasing deals an external contracts inquiry was commissioned by Madam Justice Denise Bellamy.

Unfortunately, it did not deal with or consider the ongoing practice by the city, council, the TTC and other cities taxpayer-funded boards and agencies regarding these well hidden unsavoury practices that are open to political insiders and straight-up corruption in my opinion.   

Far too many of TTC and City approved the lease extension sole-sourced and non-noncompetitive bid contracts continue to be supported by councillors and then entered into by the city.

The Star and other mainstream media outlets have the audacity to harass and bully Mayor Ford when he questions the appropriateness of such deals even though Madam Justice Bellamy in her conclusions recommended that “The Mayor should report to the public on major contracts or tenders the council awarded or approved.”  

Canada's EMPLOYED Rate is 92.9 Per Cent

How much more evidence do these goose necked biased liberal socialized reports and journalists within the mainstream media require before they all take their heads out of the sand and understand that capitalism is the only system that has proven to work for throughout centuries of history!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Star's Editorial is Arrogant, Critically Flawed and Unfit as Continues their Biased View of Toronto’s Duly Elected Mayor Ford.

All people are created equal and all are equally imperfect and we still have unequal laws and taxes created by unjust people.

Such editorials by the Star are solely for the purpose of non-elected representation and political interference into the policy decisions of democratically elected representatives of the voters within the city of Toronto in my humble opinion as a mere mortal. 

This unnecessary legal sideshow and bullying attempts by the mainstream media and non elected would be representatives of citizens who are political foes of the Mayor and supported financially by publicity-seeking lawyers against the duly elected Mayor of Toronto must cease.  

For those like the Star and Globe and Mail who seek to direct or set the political agenda and policies for the City of Toronto, from behind the council chambers of democracy, by continuing to insist that an elected Mayor of the people must change the platform he was elected on to their direction of socialized liberal communism I suggest that they put forward their individual names along with their political mission platforms for the position of Toronto’s mayor directly to the voters as candidates in the 2014 city elections. 


Read Decision

Terence Corcoran, National Post Staff 
“They have no case and no just cause beyond their own ideological delirium — these fantasy rock throwers, the usual collection of leftists and waffly centrists, cringing sophisticates, downtown Liberals, Toronto Star columnists, CBC reporters, Ryerson academics and would-be mayoral candidates who would like to maintain the old quasi-corrupt ways that have long dominated Toronto city government.”

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why Civic Action Group’s Varnished Favoritism for Personal Taxes and NOT Corporate and Union Transit Taxes?

James, Burton and the special interest group Civic Action all are proponents and mouthpieces for new revenue taxing sources directly and only on the individual taxpayer for:

Highway tolls, Sales tax, Property tax, Payroll tax, Fuel tax, Vehicle tax, Parking levy, Land transfer tax and Development charges as opposed to a 1% or 2 % transit tax levied on banks, unions, corporations doing business within Ontario and Canada!

As such they represent the interest of big business, banks corporations and unions NOT the residents and citizen taxpayers of Toronto, Ontario or Canada. Any new revenues for transit funding must come from a 1% or 2 % transit tax on banks, unions and all corporations doing business in Ontario and NOT a sales tax or other taxes directed against and on individual taxpayers.

It is TIME for banks, unions and all corporations to contribute their share for transit costs and NOT just citizen taxpayers.

Metrolinx and the city of Toronto transit funding proposals call for a city tax of some sort and DO NOT suggest or allow for a corporate transit tax on banks, unions, corporations and not profit organizations?

Revenue source
Nominal rate
GTHA annual revenue
Personal income tax increase
$1.4 billion
Sales tax
$1.3 billion
Property tax
$90 million
Payroll tax
$500 million
Highway tolls
10 cents/KM
$1.5 billion
Fuel tax
10 cents
$500 million
Vehicle tax
$300 million
Parking levy
$365  space
$1.08 billion
Land transfer tax
$600 million
Development fees
$5,000 unit
$200 million
Banks, Unions, Corps.  
Transit tax                   1%/2%         $6 to $12 billion      

The special interest group transit Alliance also does not allow or provide for any direct corporation transit tax because this lobbying group is primarily supported by corporations, banks and unions. Their position is for a direct citizen by means of a new 1% sales tax.

The question that has to be asked and answered by these career politicians, special interest groups, technocrats and bureaucrats is, where are the alternative proposals that call for a new direct transit tax on banks, corporations, non-profits and unions instead of the usual all party platforms for more citizen taxes and NOT corporate transit tax?

Not one of the ten funding proposal by these career politicians, technocrats,  bureaucrats or special interest groups and lobbyists call for a transit tax on corporations, banks and unions doing business in Canada.

For the media, special interest groups, Metrolinx and technocrats’ to suggest that Toronto’s property taxpayers and citizens on their own should fund public transit is totally unrealistic.

It is a self-serving political agenda by political parties of all stripes along with their puppet career politicians and businesses who themselves cannot get their hands out of the public trough.

Asking Torontonians to suck-up yet another little new sales tax increase of 1%, that over the years would quickly become 5% or more, would not come close to the annual BILLIONS of dollars needed to fund any new subways, let alone LRT’s or the current infrastructure requirements for existing operations and never-ending fare and salary increases of the TTC, is scandalous.

My proposed 1% Transit Tax on Banks, Unions, and Corporations operating in Canada could generate $ 6 Billion annually for existing public transit in Canadian cities, including Toronto.

The 1% direct Sales Tax on citizen proposed by the transit alliance special interest group, supported and financed by businesses, could only yield $1.3 Billion according to media reports, metrolinx and the city of Toronto.

Transit Tax of 1% on Banks, Unions and Corporations would Generate 100% more funding for public transit than a 1% Sales Tax.