Monday, December 28, 2020

Regional Isolation Treatment Centres solely for infectious viruses, flues, and unknown diseases.


Throughout Ontario, we the people, immediately require and demand, 4 new 1,000 bed Regional Isolation Treatment Centres solely for infectious viruses, flues, and unknown diseases. One treatment centre in each of the following Ontario areas: North, East, West and Central. Ontario.

These new RITC would be build using Ontario’s surplus facilities or constructed on surplus lands when the existing building would cost more in renovations.

As we must have these four facilities to treat and isolate only those actual people infected by any of these or new transmittable viruses, flues and unknow disease from the rest of society.

These are the ones who must be lock downed and isolated as opposed to locking down entire communities which destroy the economy, small businesses, and the lives of the majority of non-infected residents.

We must treat those affected and not lockdown and set curfews or restrictions by governments picking and choosing what businesses are essential when in fact all businesses are essential to the survival of our communities and an open and free democratic society.

To do this there must be a new Health Measures Act that incorporates our business community together with the provincial and federal governments in funding, construction and managing these four Regional Isolation Treatment Centres.

Further these four sites would have no on-premises food or laundry facilities as all such services would be provided by outsourcing, which would further reduce operating costs. The staffing of these facilities would be incorporated as a new short-term 6-month requirement into existing requirements for being certified as a Doctor, Nurse, Nurses Aid, Firefighter, EMO etc and all other health care workers.

To help with the funding and ongoing costs a 3% import fee on all goods and services that are directly or indirectly shipped or produced by China and or its affiliate the Communist Party of China as a penalty for their deliberate malfeasance, dereliction of public duty and breach of trust. Alternatively, Canada should not repay the billions in dollars that China holds on our debt obligations including the no payment of interest to them as a further penalty for their deliberate breach of trust.

Finally, in my humble opinion, the only one who should be paying, to every single country that has had to or continues to treat its residents or visitors, for the costs of these covid19 treatments etc. and world lockdowns and isolation and economic costs are the communist Chinese government and its communist political party to every single country that has to treat its residents or visitors in my humble opinion.

There should a worldwide class action filed against the Chinese government and its communist political party for costs by all countries of the world on behalf of its citizens for the Chinese government and its communist political party malfeasance and dereliction of duty and breach of trust.

Peter Clarke

Friday, December 25, 2020

The USA Democratic Party Social Constructionism and Deconstructionism

What has become openly and clearly obvious today is that the US Democratic Political Party, along with its propaganda arm of mainstream media and social media, controlled by the four most undemocratic yet powerful tech companies, namely, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon, want nothing less than total control over the freedom of speech and movement of US residents among other things.

Further, they want to ensure and control that residents of the US have to read what the state allows, see what the state allows and listen to what the state allows. And those who attempt to listen, read etc. anything else is ridiculed, harassed, intimidated, and punished by the state.   

Keep in mind that these tech oligopolies are monopolies and are NOT ACCOUNTABLE to the public or voters and lack meaningful regulations.

And thus, has allowed these tech companies and this industry to create corrosive and restrictive environments concerning free and open speech and diverse opinions throughout American and indeed the globe. They continue unabated to manipulate and exploit the general public and voters so that the Democratic Party and their Tech industry’s can secure and maintain absolute power for the Democratic Party and of course secure increased market share for their products; profit-making and market dominance along with political power dominance.

Today throughout the USA, in my humble opinion, the Democratic Political Party want to ensure that residents of the USA area all increasingly reliant on the government for so many aspects of their lives, whether it’s the news, education, work, food and health information etc.

It has become know as identify politics, cancel culture, Black live matter etc. Education is strictly controlled by the state and its teacher’s union and its leaders. What and how subjects are taught is laid down by the government based on the backing and demands of these unions. Further books have become strictly censored as those distorting and rewriting history are today widely used in schools.

On university and college campuses students are expected to join Liberal, socialist organizations and shunned by academy administration and these liberal socialist student bodies when they seek out or start conservative groups or contrary opinions of thought etc. 

Our students are taught by socialist liberal professors how to be a good socialist/communist to understand that religion is the opium of the masses by Karl Marx and churches are now being physically shut down and church leaders and goers are arrested under the guise of the Chinese Covid19 virus.

In summation the state under a Democratic Political Party and its member friends in Hollywood already control the cinema and now with their propaganda machine of Big Tech companies effectively control almost every aspect of your lives and the votes you cast as well as the political party you must listen too.

This must end if we are to be a free democracy, with free expression of thoughts and free speech uncensored by government and these four tech companies.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Medical Facts Relating to Covid19 Virus Survival Rate WITHOUT a VACCINE


Medical FACT today SURVIVAL RATE of the Chinese COVID-19 worldwide is 97.5% PATIENT SURVIVAL RATE. Total cases 65.5 Million cases of the virus and 63,890,000 people, worldwide cases of the virus have NOT DIED from it. Worldwide deaths today are 1,510,000 to date have died from this virus and that represents a worldwide SURVIVAL RATE without any vaccine of 97.5% as of today.


In the USA the SURVIVAL RATE from COVID19 virus today stands at 98% as in the USA there are reported to be 13,728,154 Million cases of the Chinese COVID-19 with 270,691 deaths supposedly directly from the virus, yet without any vaccine on the market, today in the USA 13,457,463 Million Americans were reported to have the virus have NOT DIED but SURVIVED or RECOVERED as of today, representing a 98% SURVIVAL RATE.