Saturday, March 23, 2013

Economics, Theories of Ideologies Based on political Philosophies

Economics and the forecasting of same are nothing more than theories based on political ideologies of the philosophies for capitalism versus communism/ socialism. 

As such the various theories of economics are put forth, endorsed or supported by political parties, unions and special interest groups to support their respective positions on society. 

Hence the fiscal mess the world economies and governments find themselves in today.



Cyprus-Style “Bail-Ins” Proposed In The New 2013 Canadian Government Budget!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Government Condoned Thievery for Revenue Sources?

What is transpiring in Cyprus is the inception for governments around the world to claim, albeit illegal, that they can tax your bank accounts and thus electronically drain a percentage of your savings, investment or business accounts to pay off government debt or bailout banks and other countries.

The EU, itself propped up by the IMF and other financial institutions, through its’ commission as urged on by the IMF, World Bank came up with this proposal to tax all citizen, resident and corporate savings accounts in Cyprus.

The speaker of the Cypriot parliament correctly and honestly labelled it for what it is:

"Essentially parliament is called to legalize a decision to rob depositor’s blind, against every written and unwritten law."

The revenue taxing schema was introduced by EU and IMF technocrats and bureaucrats and is similar in nature and consequences to that of the Townshend Acts in June of 1767.

Since 1764 and prior governments have continued their search for money from citizens and residents for the simple reason that governments Do Not have money of their own!

All their revenues come from your earnings, no matter where it is, through taxation, double taxation and now triple taxation of your earnings, profits, savings, pensions, investment income and even ones assets at death.    

These financial crises of the European Union along with current national and international banking and governmental financial mismanagement are the results of greed and unsustainable social programs conceived and conspired between banks, international financial institutions, regulators, political parties and governments combined. 

Our public apathy with the closed door decisions and behind the scenes politics between political parties coupled with a general lack of knowledge or indifference to the complex intertwined business practices between banks, financial institutions, and political parties and their appointed technocrats and career bureaucrats we as voters and taxpayers continue searching for answers in the wrong places and from the same incompetent and greed-driven sources.

Citizens, residents, tourists, small business owners and corporations from around the world are all depositors and should today realize and understand that there is now no protection for after-tax earnings anywhere in the world.

Including such places as Luxembourg, Panama, Anguilla, Gibraltar, Dominican, Nevis, the Bahamas, Seychelles, Switzerland, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Singapore or Romania from new government tax levies on assets or cash deposited with banks or financial institutions in deposit boxes, savings or business accounts.  

Also, the public should come to the political reality and understanding of the events that lead up to and caused this worldwide financial mess and governmental bailout fiasco around the globe. 

One needs to look no farther than the mismanagement of governments, the printing of money based on air,  ( Federal Reserve Banks) the monetization of debt altogether and combined with the greed of financial institutions, governments and their approved regulatory practices for the likes of Interest rate swap  Securitization , Collateralized Debt Obligations , Credit Default Swaps  all coupled together with government social policies for affordable housing and mortgage programs subprime mortgages).

To date, not one career party politician, banker, politically appointed, technocrats or career bureaucrat has been charged for lack of due diligence, breach of trust, fraud and conspiracy to deregulate monetary financial safeguards for investors or the public in general?

Thanks to Lia Glykis for sending me a copy of the article herein attached bellow @ to this comment. It is another profoundly interesting and thought-provoking analysis and commentary on perhaps the beginning of the end of the euro and the eurozone.

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Cyprus-Style “Bail-Ins” Proposed In The New 2013 Canadian Government Budget!

Yet the bailouts continue!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Tax of 10% to 13 % on Your Life Saving Investment Deposits Coming to Your Country.

Thanks to the decisions of non elected technocrats, bureaucrats, the IMF, World Bank whose funds and directors are for the most part all supported and financed from Canadian, American, European, African, Asian, South American, etc  taxpayer collected revenues by our governments as part and parcel of the new world order of sleazy politics.

Any Canadian or American not alarmed by this EU action in Cyprus is either brain dead or oblivious to the reality of the warning signs of government corruption, spending and borrowing related to this worldwide financial crisis in the form of continuing bailouts on the backs of citizens and not corporations, banks, union organizations and special interest groups.

Every individual and families hard-earned after-tax dollars are not that safe in our banking systems and could be taxed for a second time for bank and government bailouts around the globe with you having a vote or any honest political discussion on such tax cash grab.

Without any advanced public warning or political input from political party representative in Cyprus on Saturday March 16, 2013 somebody from the Cypriot government endorsed and agreed to conditions, demanded by non elected European Union technocrats and bureaucrats. 

Along with representatives from the IMF and the World Bank these publicly closed-door meetings stipulated a condition for a 13% to 9 % tax on all the lifelong after-tax savings accounts of residents and citizens of Cyprus as one of many hidden conditions demanded by the European Union and its international monetary fund supports for a $13 Billion dollar bailout fund.

A cash grab and stealing of citizens savings that have already been previously taxed through earnings or investment taxes etc. that can be compared to the 2001 Argentina governments freezing 100% of all a citizens’ and residents savings and bank accounts which they said was for two years but as of today ¾ of these funds have NOT been returned to individual depositors.

In 1979 however, it was the elected representatives from all political parties in the Ontario legislature in Canada who first introduced and passed an illegal government motion to freeze the bank accounts and assets of a resident of Ontario and Canadian citizen.

This act of criminality by the Ontario legislature was later found to be ultra vires (beyond their legal power) thanks to the tireless efforts of Eric R. Murray, Toronto’s best litigation lawyer in my opinion.

That attempt at freezing a citizen’s assets and bank accounts in Ontario Canada, in my opinion, goes to highlight the deceptive and thug like behavioural attitude and actions of all political party legislative members and their non elected technocrats and bureaucrats.

What Canadians and the rest of humanity is witnessing in Cyprus is the beginning of the greatest government robbery of citizens savings account in the history of humanity in the name of failed banks, corporations and governments.

I have stated for a while now that the European Union is not constituted on the basis of, for the people by the people, rather by political parties for their party controlled government propped up by their puppet representatives of the party, not the voters and operated, managed and controlled by non elected technocrats and bureaucrats around the globe.  

 When people’s honest hard-earned savings are stolen by governments in any name or cause our civil society dissolves with it. You cannot say that we were not warned! 

Each of us must decide whether our savings are any longer save in the hands of financial institutions that are protected by governments and their political parties.



Cyprus-Style “Bail-Ins” Proposed In The New 2013 Canadian Government Budget!

 “All People are created equal and equally imperfect and we still have unequal laws and taxes created by unjust people,” Peter CLARKE 2010

As Philip Jenkins once noted, one cannot say that we were not warned!


More news:
Cyprus legislators remain unconvinced.
"Essentially parliament is called to legalize a decision to rob depositors blind, against every written and unwritten law," said Yiannakis Omirou, speaker of parliament.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Lynching of Mayor Ford Politically Attempted by Sarah Thompson?

This endless stream for sensationalism by political activists and special interest group losers propped up and supported by the media and wannabe infamous seeking pro bono lawyer, all of whom desperately seek for the Mayor to be kicked out of office or resign, has now become continuing attempts for a political lynching of mayor Rob Ford, similar to that of Herman Cain.

Mayor Ford is not the harasser but the harassed.

These continue slanderous attacks are nothing more than political hit-jobs. The Mayor Ford economic train is on the right subway track as opposed to a new 1% sales tax increase proposed by Thompson and her corporate and union political backers. 

Such unverifiable slanderous personal allegations against Rob Ford the Mayor of Toronto have all been politically motivated to destroy him, his brother, the family business and indeed his entire family, in my humble opinion as a mere mortal.

Toronto’s left wing establishment was polarized against the Ford mayoralty campaign from its beginning.

Right after his election as Mayor in 2010 this group swung into action to replace this uppity white non establishment individual. The political left absolutely lost their minds after the election and immediately started spewing hatred toward this over weight white non establishment conservative.

With constant media blitzes through ongoing attempts at smearing the personal reputation and character of Rob Ford, his brother, the family business and the entire Ford family.

The media and Toronto Star in particular it seems would much rather report unsubstantiated and unverifiable allegations about Rob Ford because reporting about the real issue of Toronto left leaning councillors inability to curb spending and borrowing for unsustainable taxpayer funded social programs would not be in the best interest of the Mayors opponents on this council or future mayoral candidates.

Mayor Ford continues to be bullied and harassed and not the harasser or bully. The decision concerning his mayoralty administration shall be decided by the voters not the non-elected establishment, the courts or the media.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Why do Career Politicians, Political Parties, Civic Action Group’s and the Media All Support New Taxes for Transit on Individuals and NOT on Corporations and Unions?

Hume, James, Burton and the special interest group Civic Action all are proponents and mouth pieces for new revenue taxing sources only on the individual taxpayer for:

Highway tolls, Sales tax, Property tax, Payroll tax, Fuel tax, Vehicle tax, Parking levy, Land transfer tax and Development charges as opposed to a 1% or 2 % transit tax levied on banks, unions, corporations doing business within Ontario and Canada!

As such they represent the interest of big business, banks corporations and unions NOT the residents and citizen taxpayers of Toronto, Ontario or Canada. Any new revenues for transit funding must come from a 1% or 2 % transit tax on banks, unions and all corporations doing business in Ontario and NOT a sales tax or other taxes directed against and on individual taxpayers.

It is TIME for banks, unions and all corporations to contribute their share for transit costs and NOT just citizen taxpayers.

Metrolinx and the city of Toronto transit funding proposals call for a citizen tax of some sort and DO NOT suggest or allow for a corporate transit tax on banks, unions, corporations and not profit organizations?

Revenue source
Nominal rate
GTHA annual revenue
Personal income tax increase
$1.4 billion
Sales tax
$1.3 billion
Property tax
$90 million
Payroll tax
$500 million
Highway tolls
10 cents/KM
$1.5 billion
Fuel tax
10 cents
$500 million
Vehicle tax
$300 million
Parking levy
$365  space
$1.08 billion
Land transfer tax
$600 million
Development fees
$5,000 unit
$200 million
Banks, Unions, Corps.  
Transit tax                   1%/2%         $6 to $12 billion      

A corporate transit tax, or as I propose a bank, union and corporation, transit tax, to help finance public transit and subways has been in place and very effective in the city of Paris and counties of the Ile de France since 2008.  

Yet this special interest group transit Alliance, the city of Toronto or Metrolinx all do not allow or provide for any direct corporation transit tax because lobbying groups, career politicians and political parties are all primarily supported by corporations, banks and unions.

As such all their positions on funding transit are for direct citizen taxation as opposed to union and corporate taxation for public transit?

The question that has to be asked and answered by these career politicians, special interest groups, technocrats and bureaucrats is, where are the alternative proposals that call for a new direct transit tax on banks, corporations, non profits and unions instead of the usual all party platforms for more citizen taxes and NOT corporate transit tax?

Not one of the ten funding proposal by these career politicians, technocrats,  bureaucrats or special interest groups and lobbyists calls for a transit tax on corporations, banks and unions doing business within Canada.

For the media, special interest groups, metrolinx and technocrats’ to suggest that Toronto’s property taxpayers and citizens on their own should fund public transit is totally unrealistic.

It is a self serving political agenda by political parties of all stripes along with their puppet career politicians and businesses who themselves cannot get their hands out of the public trough.

Asking Torontonians to suck-up yet another little new sales tax increase of 1%, that over the years would quickly become 5% or more, would not come close to the annual BILLIONS of dollars needed to fund any new subways, let alone LRT’s or the current infrastructure requirements for existing operations and never-ending fare and salary increases of the TTC, is scandalous.

My proposed 1% Transit Tax on Banks, Unions, and Corporations operating in Canada could generate $ 6 Billion annually for existing public transit in Canadian cities, including Toronto.

The 1% direct Sales Tax on citizen proposed by the transit alliance special interest group, supported and financed by businesses, could only yield $1.3 Billion according to media reports, metrolinx and the city of Toronto.

Transit Tax of 1% on Banks, Unions and Corporations would Generate 100% more funding for public transit than a 1% Sales Tax. 


Friday, March 1, 2013

If Mayor Rob Ford gives up football foundation, Wynne should Resign as Ontario Liberal party Leader!

City of Toronto leftists councillor Perks believes  “That bedrock principle, that you cannot use your office to raise money for any cause, is one of the safeguards against corruption at City Hall.” 

To paraphrase the city's integrity commissioner who has also previously stated her political believe " that it is an improper use of influence to accept, seek, or receive gifts, benefits or favours as an elected public office holder," begs questions about similar questionable activities performed by political parties while in office. 

Unfortunately however the Ontario public has yet to hear from the provincial integrity commissioner, elected members of the liberal party, or the elected members of either the NDP or Conservative party. 

As to their position concerning a bedrock political principle and believe of the city's integrity commissioner relating to the appropriateness of individual elected representatives while holding office or their political party accepting cash benefits from fund raisers representing specific sectors of the economy in the individual amount of $5,000 dollars or more?
Couple  this with the already well now fact that the Liberal party's green energy political policy concerning wind power could end up costing Ontario taxpayers in excess of $200 Hundred MILLION dollars! 

Where is the outcry from the NDP supporters of this liberal party governments or the Conservative Party and its elected members?

The double standards and hypocrisy of it all never fails to amaze me as  to the inappropriateness of such unfortunate political actions in my humble opinion.