Saturday, March 22, 2014

Value of services versus the need for new taxes.

It seems that most editorials from the for-profit mainstream media organizations are continually left-leaning and slanted in favour of new revenue sources (new taxes) and increased taxes on individuals in their never-ending support for services that are vote-getting valued and put forward by political parties of all stripes.  

As they never seem to support favouring or editorialize a need for any increases or new taxes on corporations or special interest group’s even though corporate tax rates at both the provincial and federal levels remain at an all-time low rate.

First we citizens must recognize and remember the fact that political parties of all stripes i.e. liberals, conservatives, new democrats, greens etc. all have less than ONE per cent of eligible voters who are actual card-carrying or dues-paying members of their specific political party.

Further the main stream media would like us all to believe that a healthy middle-class income is that of $60,000 to $100,000 per year.

Yet our municipal, provincial and federal politicians all take home a base annual salary and benefits in excess $130,000 of which 1/3 is tax free while 47% of Toronto residential property tax-paying citizens have an annual household income of under $53,000 and the medium income for a one-person household is under $46,000 in Toronto alone.  

Other than the media, political parties and the political corporate elite through editorials, who has agreed that the current taxpayer-funded non-entitlement services that governments continually give voters are the services realistically wanted by a majority of citizens or by those having that middle-class annual income of $60,000 to $100,000 per year or of our citizens that currently have a medium one-person household income of under $46,000.

In place of the so-called solution of increasing taxes on individuals as presented by the Stars editorial a more democratic course might be one of making sure that the majority of voting citizens have the government services that they as a majority of citizens actually want. And then, without ever having been asked, have to fund unsustainable programs for services put forth by the various political parties who represent at best a mere One Percent of all eligible citizen voters.