Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Intolerance, Authoritarianism and Control is the Agenda of Pelosi's Socialist Democratic Party 2020

America was "founded on liberty and independence-NOT government coercion, domination, anti-Americanism, intolerance, authoritarianism or socialism #IMHOPEOPLE .

Pelosi's Socialist Democratic Party defiantly refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election and further fail to stand up for American Greatness, Middle-Class Prosperity, Workers Wage Increases, Low Unemployment Rates for Minorities, the Disabled, Women, Blacks, Latinos, or Cutting Regulations, the USA leading the world in Oil and Natural Gas Production and Becoming a Net Energy Exporter, the USA chants, Veterans, the Child Tax credit, Legal Immigration, ICE, Angel Families, School Choice, the Five Million Reduction in Food Stamp Rolls, the Banning of Late-Term Abortion, Support of the USMCA Trade Agreement, etc etc etc.  The Socialist Democratic Party of 2020 only cheer for racism, black lives matter and it's militant division and rioting and lawlessness as opposed to We the People. The Constitution Does Not divide the PEOPLE between race, colour or creed. As only atheists; politicians; mobs; rioters and goons do!

For 2020 and beyond there could be no sharper contrast between the visions and agendas of the Socialist Democratic Party (SDP) and the Republican Party (RP). As they the (SDP) are consumed with fury at their own nation. They detest much of the history of the USA, which they believe was born in the sins of continental theft, genocide, slavery, white privilege, sexism and mercenary capitalism. Every element of USA society must be politicized through their (SDP) systematic indoctrination of every conceivable lever- the education system, entertainment, the media, corporate America, and social media to name a few- to disabuse them of their backward mentality that is not in step with their (SDP) fascist agenda.

Thus every American, who is NOT an (SDP) member, in their minds, must be shamed, publicly and vehemently, with no regard for the USA Constitution or Laws, for any free speech utterance that strays beyond their (SDP) rigid ideological boundaries. They (SDP) reject the principle of equal opportunity for all, as they (SDP) pits Americans against one another according to race, class, gender, the colour of skin and other categories in a grim struggle for power and totalitarian government largess.

The Pelosi Socialist Democratic Party (SDP) for 2020 is emboldened by its cultural dominance of keeping Black American and Illegal Immigrants in poverty and cloistered in its own (SDP) echo chambers where opposing views are demonized and excluded. They (SDP) have grown dangerously extreme, dogmatic and intolerant. As they (SDP) regard their views as the only acceptable ones, as they are also increasingly disillusioned with the principle of free speech and they seek to suppress ideas they (SDP) consider offensive.

The Pelosi Socialist Democratic Party of 2020 crucially wants to punish Americans for the cardinal sin of NOT electing Hillary Clinton in 2016. They consider anyone who works for Trump, is associated with him or supports him beyond the pale.

In their (SDP) state of resentful delirium, they embraced an extremist agenda of socialism, open borders, world socialist dominance and legal abortion up to the moment of birth. They are also contemptuous of constitutional constraints as they (SDP) propose circumventing measures such as abolishing the Electoral College and packing the Supreme Court to regain and eternalize their (SDP) fascist political power.

The Pelosi Socialist Democratic Party of 2020 is a vehicle of pure leftist extremism that poses an existential threat to America as founded-because it is a war with the USA's first principles and traditions, It's anti-capitalism and rejects equality of opportunity in favour of a hierarchy of privileges for identity groups ranked according to their levels of alleged historical oppression. It's a brazenly socialist anti-life party that promotes gender anarchy, militant feminism, and hostility toward traditional male roles and masculinity itself. It prosecutes a vicious culture war punctuated by an ongoing assault on Christians' religious liberty.

Their (SDP) radicalism is unquenchable. They do not seek solutions but create permanent turmoil while holding themselves out as models of tolerance, as they have become ideological totalitarians, intolerant of dissenting views and contemptuous of those who hold them. They (SDP) have weaponized race to discredit and silence independents and republicans simply to enhance their own power, Having once stood for civil rights, they (SDP) now seek victims to leverage for partisan gain.

If unchecked the Pelosi Socialist Democratic Party (SDP) would complete-in horrifying short order- Obama's twisted vision of fundamentally transforming America into a Socialist/Communist Totalitarian Regime and NOT a Republic. They (SDP) would drastically redistribute wealth, suppress dissent, dilute and ultimately destroy the USA's national sovereignty and dismantle the American Constitutional Structure and Individual Liberties.

These Pelosi Socialist Democratic Party members are far more interested in acquiring their (SDP) political ends than they are in upholding a system that guarantees personal liberties. The (SDP) are determined to control people's lives and thoughts as they push to consolidate power in the federal government-especially when they control it. They (SDP) are untroubled by delegations of power to unelected and unaccountable administrative agencies staffed with their appointed or hired career bureaucratic socialist liberals insulated from accountability by the voters.

The 2020 election shall be a referendum on capitalism versus socialism, on life versus infanticide, on gender sanity versus insanity, on equal opportunity versus forced equal outcomes, on colour blindness versus race-baiting. on free speech versus censorship, on freedom of thought versus political correctness, on American sovereignty versus open borders and globalism, and on liberty versus authoritarianism.

Those Americans who continue to dismiss or underestimate the design and determination of the Pelosi Socialist Party (SDP) and their propaganda machine, the mainstream media, do so at their own peril and all Americans.

Sources: Guilty by Reason of Insanity-David Limbaugh