Saturday, January 19, 2019

Democrats & Progressives Endorse Policies & Ideologies that Foil & Restrain Individualism

It seems quite clear that the Democratic Political Party and Academia in the USA are leaning towards and endorsing positions for a more and more socialist fascist-leaning political party.

As both have totalitarian ideologies and support efforts to force their political ideals on ALL VOTERS to create the US society that MUST conform only to ONE viewpoint, THEIRS. Through intimidation and continuous attempts in denying the views; free speech and rights guaranteed under the Constitution to Millions of citizens with views and opinions of their own.

When the views; opinions; freedom of choices and the free speech of others are continually bullied, coerced and intimidated by one side of an issue then Democracy ceases and Fascism and Socialism takes hold of a Nation's Democracy.

And thus the views of tens of MILLIONS of US citizens and the masses who have politically different opinions and views that Do Not Conform to the rigid views/opinions of the Democratic party and those of Academia thus become irrelevant.

In the USA it has become evident that we have in effect a Democratic Party; Academia and a media movement of intimidation and support of and for a Totalitarian/Authoritarian form of Government.


Further, I suggest that Democracy Dies without Individualism and further can survive without political parties.

The quest for ideal individualism shall always defeat any re-introduction for Fascism; Socialism; Communism; Radical Islamic Jihadists Extremists, Dictatorships; Totalitarian or Authoritarian governments under the guise of a new political world order for Social Justice!

So let us remember the true factual definition of Individualism which stands for the virtues of self-reliance in the pursuit of a person’s own economic; educational and career work goals.

As a doctrine Individualism advocates freedom from government regulations that takes precedence over the interests of special interest groups, academia, media, lobbyists or local State government’s and non elected bureaucrats and technocrats.

Individualism is NOT part of the teachings of Academia, Socialism, Unionism, Communism, Fascism, Political Parties or Sharia Laws.

However, it is one of the principle doctrines of a free market system, freedom of speech, free choice and the assumption of innocent until proven guilty by a legal court of law under the Constitution.

Political Parties, through their support and passing of certain types of legislation, have proven and shown over and over that they are a hindrance and ruse to democracy when it specifically pertains to individual rights of each citizen. “ 

Americans often proclaim our nation as a symbol of freedom to the world while dismissing nations such as Cuba and China as categorically unfree. Yet, objectively, we may be only half right. Those countries do lack basic individual rights such as due process, placing them outside any reasonable definition of “free,” but the United States now has much more in common with such regimes than anyone may like to admit.”

Political Party endorsed candidates who seek elected office from the voters are first chosen by the dues-paying party members of the specific political party they seek office for under the banner of a political party NOT the voters. And factually and in reality, these political parties represent LESS than ONE PERCENT of ALL LEGALLY ELIGIBLE VOTERS. 

Thus less than ONE PERCENT of US Citizens within a specific dues-paying political party are setting the legislative agenda for laws and regulations for 99 PER CENT of ALL LEGALLY ELIGIBLE VOTERS.

Unions and special interest groups are for all tense and purposes yet another form of a political party. Special interest groups or unions, like political parties, also routinely encourage members of their movements to constantly protest, legally or illegal, and organize protests, violent and non-violent, mostly on the basis of the ideology of fascism and socialism that the better educated, wealthy and successful hard working Individuals are NOT Doing Enough for them or the masses.

The union membership rate of public-sector workers (33.9 per cent) continues to be more than FIVE TIMES HIGHER than that of PRIVATE-SECTOR Workers (6.4%).  Black workers remained more likely to be union members than White, Asian, or Hispanic workers. The unionization rate in the private sector (6.4 per cent) remained substantially below that for public-sector workers (33.9 percent). Within the public sector, the union membership rate was highest in local government (40.3 per cent), which employs many workers in heavily unionized occupations, such as police officers, firefighters, and teachers. Private-sector industries with high unionization rates included utilities (20.1 per cent), transportation and warehousing (16.7 per cent), and telecommunications (15.4 per cent). Low unionization rates occurred in finance (1.3 per cent), food services and drinking places (1.3 per cent), and professional and technical services (1.5 per cent).

These groups all rationalize illegal strikes, unlawful protests, or braking the laws by labelling themselves as the underdogs full of self-exaltation. That they must fight literally against a free market system and Individualism on behalf of their collective for the redistribution of others money, resources and wealth. Then us these same stolen resources to reintroduce recycled communism, fascism, etc under the guise for a new political world order for Social Justice using the same tried and failed ideologies of Fascism, Communism, Socialism or Totalitarian/Authoritarian systems of governing.

Thus our so-called democratic political parties, unions, special interest groups, media and academia in reality have all incorporated socialism and progressive socialized liberalism. Of this past tried and failed ideologies and economic political theories of socialist, communists, Marxists, or Fascists policies which have become part and parcel of their political mission platforms of the Democratic Party, Anarchists, Special interest groups, Media and Academia #IMHOPEOPLE .

These political views and visions being continually put forth by any Political Party, Union, special interest groups, media or academia are the views of a minority of citizens who all are actively seeking to ultimately override the views and desires of the Individual citizen's wishes in life. 

They propose theories and ideologies for a collective social and economic communion equality at the direct expense of your Individual Liberties, Freedoms, and the free market system based on and for previously TRIED and FAILED economic Marxist governments of the past.

“Under the First Amendment, our government has no role whatsoever in determining what are “political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution.” In the marketplace of ideas and in a vibrant democracy, robust and vigorous debate is to be encouraged, not restricted by government bureaucrats.”