Monday, February 21, 2022

Canada Declared Trucker Emergency

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 of the WSJ.

The trucker's protest against vaccine mandates, vilified by Mr. Trudeau as “racist” and “violent,” has been peaceful, but not every peaceful protest is legal. Blocking roads and border crossings disrupt lives and commerce. The government’s job is to maintain public order while respecting civil liberties.

Canada has failed on both scores. For weeks authorities tried to wish away the problem. When that failed, Mr. Trudeau overreached, invoking new powers before Canadian jurisdictions had tried to enforce existing law. Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly was a progressive reformer. He criticizes the “reactive enforcement model” of policing, and when truckers took over his downtown, he failed to react. Mr. Sloly resigned Tuesday.

On Thursday Ottawa police, with provincial and federal help, finally came out in numbers, blocked highway exits, set up a perimeter and checkpoints and arrested blockade leaders. All of this could have been done under existing law. On Friday police began mopping up the protests methodically, with occasional scuffles and use of pepper spray. This too could have been done, albeit differentiating between the lawful and unlawful, and without threatening media with arrest for covering the action.

Mr. Trudeau justifies the “public-order emergency” by inflating the protest into a terrorist plot to overthrow the government. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association disagrees and sued Thursday. It says the standards for an emergency— “threat or use of acts of serious violence against persons or property” that “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians” beyond “the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it”—are not met.

Protests aren’t emergencies, and Western leaders had better get used to handling civil disobedience firmly without traducing civil liberties. Mr. Trudeau criminalized a protest movement, deputizing financial institutions, without due process or liability, to find and freeze personal accounts of blockaders and anyone who helps them. These extraordinary measures are a needless abuse of power.

Toronto limited the problem by closing downtown roads. Blockades at crucial border crossings were allowed to drag on and cost the North American auto industry hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet when police finally acted, border blockades dispersed peacefully, no emergency powers were needed. One ended with handshakes between police and protesters.

Weak responses to civil disobedience have hurt Canada for years. New gas pipelines are increasingly stymied by blockades, often by green or aboriginal activists. On Thursday men wielding axes attacked a pipeline drill site and its workers in British Columbia. That’s worse than anything the truckers have done.

In early 2020 Mr. Trudeau urged dialogue with pipeline blockaders. Facing Black Lives Matter protests in violation of Covid rules in June 2020, Mr. Trudeau joined in. But with the truckers, the Prime Minister refused to meet or compromise. Even as province after province ends Covid restrictions, he drags his feet.

When the Emergencies Act was first passed, critics were assured “emergency powers can only be used when the situation is so drastic that no other law of Canada can deal with the situation.” In abusing these powers for a nonemergency, Mr. Trudeau crossed a democratic line. Canadians wanted the blockades to end, but it never should have come at the expense of the rule of law.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Trudeau’s Fascist Tactics Crackdown on Democracy Protesters leads to Parliament Square Massacre of Canadian Freedoms.

 The savagery of Trudeau’s Liberal government’s attack should shock all Canadians. The NDP, Liberals’ and all others who support such fascist tactics should bow their heads in shame by these police state and totalitarian leaders sponsored legislation that has caused these events in Ottawa Canada against peaceful protests seeking an end to Covid mandates, asking to meet with and talk to the Prime Minister and other reforms by the government.


The early response from Trudeau and the mainstream media was to call these protesters Nazis, white supremacists, and unproven claims by the media of death threats against who knows who and of course the usual yelling of slurs against not the government rather the media for being the propaganda arm of the Minority Liberal Trudeau government being propped up the by NDP.


As for the PM well, he called them all kinds of names, refused to even talk with them about any issues and then went into covid hiding.  

Trudeau and Ford’s use of police troops and mounted units using horses to trample and storm through downtown Ottawa’s parliament square in the center of Ottawa, arresting thousands of pro-democracy protesters. The brutal Liberal government assault on the protesters shocked the West and like in China should immediately bring denunciations and sanctions from the United States and other so-called democracies throughout the World.

Trudeau and his liberal members of parliament propped up and supported by the NDP members of parliament and its political party, through the use of the draconian Emergency Act proceeded to make widespread arrests of protesters and their supporters and further without any court orders, froze and ceased the bank accounts of donors and protesters alike. Trudeau and the NDP with the approval of the Ontario Premier Dough Ford, strengthened the police forces and internal security forces to use against the protesters and demoted or purged officials or members of their inner circle of party members they deemed sympathetic or made donations to the protesters.

It is time for the liberal government and all members of parliament to end mandatory covid rules and regulations and immediately amend the current Emergency Act as follows:

The amendments MUST include the stipulations that unless the consent and approval by two-thirds of the provinces (seven) having at least 50% of the population of all the provinces combined agree through their elected Premiers and then approved by the provincial legislatures the Federal government or any other government CAN NOT use the Emergency Act or any such powers.

If this is not done then any PM in the future (Liberal, NDP, Green or Conservative) has the right, without, any legal trials as per our Canadian laws and apparently ignoring our current Bill of Rights and Freedoms and the Constitution itself, of any PM to use outrageous dictatorial and totalitarian non-democratic draconian powers under the Emergency Act as now written.

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